Nonchalant ~ Our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

2020 has not been an average year that’s for sure. So, all the more reason to end the year with an incredible Christmas, and if there’s one thing that’s better than receiving gifts, and that’s giving gifts. Awwwwww ain’t we sweet? #CallUs.

In order for you to be the best girlfriend, auntie, sister, mum …or general legend friend, then check out our top Christmas gifts below, but pre-warning, this is no average Christmas Gift Guide, we’ve searched high and low for an eclectic mix of gifts.

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Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Top Shop – Black Satin Pyjama Set | £29.99

Silky PJ’s are always a winner, for you and her.

ASOS – Reclaimed Vintage long puffer jacket in khaki | £59.50

This girl ….um, we mean coat *cough* is pretty fit. If you can successfully choose items of clothing for your girlfriend then you’re definitely a catch.

Hair Growth & Anti Hairloss Shampoo Kit | £66.88

There’s been a lot of talk about this product working wonders, and with our morning routines including a lot of styling, hairdrying, and straightening, we all need to take some time to get those locks back to shine central. Plus your gf will be grateful for the pamper opportunity too.

Personalise Face Cusion – | £17.99

One for the lols. As you may not have physically seen each other as much as you’d have liked to this year due to lockdown, why not just give her your face on a pillow. LOL.

Projector | £62.99

This projector is ideal for those cosy nights in (that we’ve been having oh-so-many of lately). Just you and her at your pretend cinema – perfect.

And if you need more tips on setting up your cinema then read more about how to accomplish a great set up in our how to make your own home cinema article.

This particular projector seems to be the best value for money and comes with a remote control – snazzzay.

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp | £19.95

These are everywhere right now, and we’re not surprised. They look pretty chill and they come baring health gifts too. It’s said that these lamps help clean the air, soothe allergies and help you sleep. So why not help her get into a vibe with one of these Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Funderm Pimple Buster Trio | £79

This set of brilliant products is great for skin, it includes the NO DRAMA Face Mask, WAS Bad Anti-Pimple Gel and LAVI DAVI Gummies. All three products contain their signature ‘In & Out’ Prebiotic & Probiotic formula which targets the causes of problem skin from within. If she’s into beauty products then these will feel like magic to her.

JimBag’s Olive Barrel Bag | £39.99

A brand that’s starting to get a name for itself (like what we did there?). This one is for the girls that work out (lucky you).

The Hair Fuel – Subscription Hair Growth Kit | £38.99

A subscription mask for hair growth and renewal. This is perfect for anyone that’s been addicted to hair straighteners since early 2000s. Just us?

With this kit you can give your girlfriend the gift of lush hair, what more could she want. Not only that, but you can buy a one off set to give it a whirl before committing to the monthly subscription.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré | £8.71

This little beauty is a miracle worker. A multi-tasking cream that works as a five-in-one moisturiser, primer, intensive masque, after shaving product and make-up remover. Swit swoo… sadly it doesn’t do the dishes, but maybe the Mrs will if you get her this.

ASOS – The North Face Dock Worker recycled yellow beanie | £25

Can’t go wrong with a beanie in our world can you girls? And this one is an easy win. If she’s not a fan of the yellow then North Face have a variety of colours too.

COSRX Ultimate Moisturising Honey Mask | £23

Another great product to give her that glow up she deserves. This overnight mask includes Propolis Extract which hydrates the skin all day long and is a natural disinfectant against bacteria so helps prevent breakouts.

Lugano 40mm Gold Black Larsson & Jennings | £179

Okay, we’re getting in to the big boy presents now, we know you were wondering where these were at, well you’ve found them.

Starting with an extremely good looking watch from Larsson & Jennings which we think speaks for itself.

Alexa Echo Show 8 | £119.99

There is no doubt about it, having an Alexa around the house is very handy. From playing your latest Spotify playlist to checking the weather. But have you considered Amazon’s new Echo Show 8? With all this lockdown shizzle this year why not up your video calling functionality and grab yourself and your girlfriend an Echo Show. You can video call each other at any point. Not only that but the Echo Show is also great for all sorts, including Yoga lessons, cooking and even watching your Amazon Prime.

Nike Air Max 90 Trainers – Atomic Pink Laser Blue Solar Flare | £125

Okay, so these are a bit cray. But perhaps in a good way for some. They might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if your girl is in to statement trainers then these are the ones.

Nike Women’s Air Force 1 Pixel Trainer | £94.99

From all the colours to monochrome. Another classic trainer that you can’t go wrong with.

Apple AirPods 2 | £124

A great gift for anyone. They fit perfectly in your pocket and off you go.

Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer copper gift edition | £299.99

Yet another WOW present we’d say. If you do really want to spoil her then the Dyson Hair Dryer is an incredible gift to receive for sure, and especially the new classy copper edition.

Grenson Nanette Hiker Boots | £315

Ayoo, someones loaded. These boots are to die for though, so if you have the cash then definitely spoil her. The girls at Nonchalant Magazine all support your decision, go forth and spend big sista.

Apple Watch Series 6 | £409

YIKES. It best be love gurl. That’s all we can say for this one.

Gifts For Family & Friends

This section is for the fam-a-lam. Whether that be your actual family or your best friends (who are basically family, right?), you’ll find some fun presents here.

Coffee Box – Espresso Coffee Gift Set | £29.99

The Artisan Cheese Maker’s Kit | £24.99

Who doesn’t love cheese? Ok, vegans… you’ve got us. BUT aside from the vegan’s out there most people love the cheeesse, and let’s face it, Christmas has cheese written all over it.


Manhattan Nights Cocktail Gift Set | £19.99

A fun one for someone to receive on Christmas day, and of course try out. Especially with New Years Eve around the corner and having to celebrate at home.

Rainbow Collection 6 Bottle Set in Wooden Gift Box | £119.95

Organically Cultivated Hand Harvested GrapesTorti Rainbow Collection. This is some goooood wine.

Ok, so this is a bit of an extravagant one, and you might be thinking this is more of a June luxury with all the Pride celebrations. However, this is currently on offer (woohoo) and if you have any close friends that are a bit rainbow mad then this is a winner. Alternatively, New Year’s Eve this year could do with a bit of fun and why not splash out this year to see 2020 off with some well needed cheer.

Personalised Mini

Pooch & Mutt – Christmas Gift Box For Dogs | £9.99

A super festive dog treat collection from the lovely Pooch & Mutt. Treat your fave doggo to a selection of treats this Christmas including ‘Calm & Relax’, and ‘Christmas Dinner’ flavoured treats.

pooch and mutt

BodyRip Dumbbell Set | £84.95

With all of us staying at home a lot this year your pals might have to convert their home into a gym come January, so these would be a great gift to get them started.

The Artisan Changing Colour Gin Kit | £19.99

We’re talking Gin, we’re talking colours, AND we’re talking changes colour! Whaaat? That’s right – make blue gin that changes pink when you add tonic.

Stocking Fillers & Secret Santa

This section is where you’ll find a mix of stocking filler gifts for all members of the fam and/or great for Secret Santa. If you like to make your girlfriend a stocking for Christmas, or you actually do have real-life children (congratulations to you), then you’ll find some fun things here for their stocking this year.

Hot Chocolate Bombs | £12.99

Yum, chuck one of these in to hot milk and voila, you have hot chocolate with marsh mellows …. just beautiful.

Alexander Solid Cologne | £19.99

A cheeky little number. They can pop it in your bag and top up on the way out.

The  Thumbs Up Vlogging Light | £19.99

If we have to go through another lockdown but you need to speak to bae, one of these might come in handy.

Mayraki Wooden Paddle Brush | £22.55

Detangles hair, reduces frizz and massages the scalp for smooth and healthy hair. This brush is specifically made to prevent any damage whilst brushing. A must-have for the beauty queens.

ManukaSport Energy Gels Variety Pack | £22.99

Sometimes it’s hard to find stocking fillers that are also practical. These Manuka Sport Energy Gels are natural gels made from manuka honey and would make a great Christmas gift for fitness enthusiasts.

Smooth Af Gift Set | £36.60

No Mo-Stache was founded by fashion executive Gita Vasseghi, and this kit helps you (or your girlfriend) break up with your waxist. Definitely needed during lock down hey?

Smartphone Projector 2.0 | £19.99

Ok, so we’ve already included an actual projector in this list above, but if you’re saving the pennies this is definitely a great alternative.

Incense House | £10.99

We thought this was super cute and would make a great Secret Santa for someone that’s currently working remotely. We could all do with a nice little stress relief on our desks.

You Are my Lobster Bath Bombs | £5.99

For Friends fans or not, these are so frickin’ cute.

Happy Christmas Shopping all,

Love Team Nonchalant x

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