Nonchalant ~ Where to Get Real Christmas Trees 2020

Where to Get Real Christmas Trees 2020

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Whilst it is fair to say many of us already have out Christmas decorations up, including our Christmas trees. There’s still some who are sticking firmly to the December rule.

Fancy a real Christmas tree this year? The smell of pines really get you going this December? We’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas trees you can buy this year.

Pines and Needles Nordmann fir: From £39.95

We would give these guys all our money just because of their name. Nordman Firs are the most popular type of Christmas tree in the UK, you can see why they don’t drop too much so you won’t have to hoover every other day, they also keep their colour.

Pines and Needles provide Nordmann Firs from 3ft to 12ft. If you have saved loads of money from the lockdowns and you live in London then you might want to go for the decorated Christmas tree option. Pines and Needles will send over their decorator team, dressed in Santa hats and kilts. How very festive.

B & Q Nordmann fir: From £29

These trees are relatively cheap compared to some on the list but don’t let that make you think they’re not good quality. True they aren’t as bushy as some but it has a good standard Christmas tree shape and easy to fill up with your decorations.

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Homebase Living Potted Blue Spruce Real Christmas Tree: £18

If you live in a small flat, this is a cute little potted Christmas tree. a low maintenance option on account of its size and the fact it is potted it is less likely to drop pines.

The other plus with a potted tree is that you can use it this year and then replant, and again year after year.

John Lewis & Partners Korean fir: From £79

If you like a bit of bush, this guy is pretty bushy! Ranging in sizes from 5ft to 8ft, it will certainly fill a corner of your home. Your cat will also love getting lost in it.

Get it delivered to your door, and have no hassle putting it into a stand. It also smells great and doesn’t requiring much vacuuming.

Waitrose Spruce Tree: £45

This tiny little guy! Coming in at 1 foot something you can put this on a table as a bit of decoration for your Christmas feast. Or you can give it as a gift and add a personalised note.

Choose a delivery date up to the 23rd of December, just in time for the big day.

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Bloom & Wild Christmas Tree: From £39

Bloom & Wild usually send flowers that can fit through your letterbox. During the festive period, you can now buy a letterbox Christmas tree. You can choose from 7 different types, including The Colouring Christmas Tree, which arrives with colouring pencils and little decorations, perfect for a bit of crafting with the kids.

Our favourite, however, is The Christmas Jumper Tree & Biscuit because of its sheer festive silliness. It is exactly what you imagine it is, tiny knitted Christmas jumpers with baubles to go on the tree and a gingerbread biscuit.

Send Me a Christmas Tree Fraser fir: From £42

Send Me a Christmas Tree does exactly what it says on the tin, the Fraser fir is a Christmas tree that is very popular in North America and Canada.

If you get a whiff of anything that smells like orange and immediately think of Christmas then you will like these, they give off a citrusy smell. Have particularly heavy balls? Then this guy can hold them because of its strong branches.

If you liked the Christmas tree jumper tree from Bloom & Wild why don’t you check out our article on actual Christmas jumpers?

Love Team Nonchalant xx

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