Nonchalant ~ Your Virtual Pride Guide 2020

Your Virtual Pride Guide 2020

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Of course, because of the rona we didn’t get to do anything rainbow related or get smashed on our city streets this year. Yes, you guessed it we are talking about Pride. All Pride events, unfortunately, were cancelled. Then more bad news…. the Virtual Pride UK due to take place on 23rd May was also cancelled. FFS. BUT Below we have curated virtual Prides that are still taking place! Woo. Put these in your diaries, you big queers.

Global Virtual Pride

When: Saturday 27th June

The big Virtual Pride event of the year, you will get 24 hours of live streaming, sign up through Facebook for tickets. You will get to see content provided by Pride organisations around the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South, Central and North America. Let’s face it, it isnt every Pride you get to see that!

On Saturday 30th May they announced the details so keep yourself up to date on their site.

The fact that this will be a virtual Pride, although a bit shit we don’t get to revel together in real life it will provide a platform ensuring that all groups can celebrate and connect to one another.

We often forget that although non-virtual Prides are open to all and try to be inclusive, many people often miss out as they have disabilities that will mean that navigating around a busy/loud city can often be stressful or impossible if the right access has not been provided.

InterPride Co-President J. Andrew Baker provided a statement on how important connection is for people during this time;

“We need community and connection more than ever. This gives us an opportunity to both connect and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community’s resilience in the face of this pandemic and the true spirit of Pride.”

Unity Virtual Pride

When: Friday 19th – Saturday 20th June

A Pride created by the awesome ladies at Unite, not much information on it on the site but make sure you keep going back to check as it isn’t quite June yet!

Lesbians Who Tech and Allies

When: Monday 22nd – Friday 26th June

Ok ok, so maybe this isn’t just a virtual pride it is more of a celebration of lesbians in the tech industry, which to be honest definitely needs to be celebrated. Stereotypically there is usually a lot of Penis (grim) in tech.

This is a FREE event for lesbians and their allies. But the talks that take place are very interesting regardless of whether you are in this particular field or not, who doesn’t want to listen to a talk on Virtual reality?!

Celebrating at home but still want to dress up for the occasion or just want to bring some rainbow into your life? Why not check out our Fun Ways to Pride at Home.

Happy Pride!

Love Team Nonchalant x

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