Nonchalant ~ 5 Face Serums to Give You a Winter Glow

5 Face Serums to Give You a Winter Glow

Face serums, they’re the shit now, and if you don’t currently include one in your beauty regime then you should be thinking about it. It’s about time you had a full face routine (get on board hun). When it comes to your face there is a lot to think about, from finding the exfoliation brand that works with your skin, the right moisturiser, and those all-important pampering face masks. From facial acids that perform miracles overnight to combining them with hard-working serums, there’s a lot to consider, but we got you boo – read on.

Using your serum wisely

Follow these simple steps twice a day: cleanse, tone, apply the serum. Done.

Most serums should be used twice a day to let the Science do its magic and you get the benefit of the ingredients. Due to the very concentrated ingredients, you might notice that your skin is sensitive after use. So, make sure that any makeup you use has a decent SPF, or slap some sunscreen on your face if you use the serum in the morning. For evening use, use the serum as normal and apply your usual night cream after. You’ll be looking feerresh in the morning.

If your face is as indecisive as you are, you can use different serums to work on different areas of the face.

Have a look at all the serums you can choose from:

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense approx £26


Works great if you have a few fine lines and slightly older skin (we all have to admit it at some point). It is packed with those science ingredients so you know it’s good, antioxidants, and peptides to give skin a smoother appearance pretty quick (yay). If you are feeling a little less than radiant (come back late from a night out?) this will help you out.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair approx £65

esteem Lauder night repair

This one has a bit of a cult following and with good reason. It’s probably the most well-known serum on the market, it was around before most of us even knew how to use it. A tiny drop of this will help you out a lot. Dull skin, flaky skin, fine lines and wrinkles, dry patches or just if you need a little pep in your skin. No wonder people love it.

Revolution Skincare Skin Nourishing Oil approx £10

cbd oil

It was never going to be long before this brand hit the market with its own oil. CBD liquid has been around for a while now, and CBD itself has been used in a million ways – now it’s made an appearance in a face serum format (awoohoo). This serum helps to calm and soothe skin prone to redness and flare-ups. It’s perfect for sensitive skin as it’s loaded with natural goodies.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir £12


This one is a combination of a toner and a serum, for those who need something fast that works. It’s a mist rather than an oil, so it applies super quickly. Packed with things like mint and orange blossom (awful fancy) it peps up your skin in minutes. Use this one before you apply your moisturiser, or throughout the day to refresh your skin, delightful!

Farsali Unicorn Essence approx £20

Hold on, what was it called? Yeah, that’s right, we would purchase this product purely on the name if it wasn’t so good. You’ll see this on 9 out of 10 Instagram makeup tutorials, and for a good reason. It primes and packs a serious punch. Brightens, soothes, smoothes, and cares for your skin all while adding a mythical glow. Prevents under eye creasing when used before concealer and provides the perfect base for your foundation. This may be named after a mythical creature but the skincare you gain for it is all real.

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