5 Top Rooftop Bars in London

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With London inching closer and closer to normality with vaccinations underway and pandemic restrictions loosening, one thing we can enjoy is the city’s outdoor spaces of bars and restaurants. Including rooftop bars! AT LONG LAST!



With the sun shining over London this summer, rooftop bars have been booked up to the max. And who can blame anyone? What could possibly be better than winding down from a day of WFH, or in the office or at work, with a cocktail (or a mocktail) and a gorgeous view of London’s skyline at sunset? Itching to make some plans? These are our picks for the best rooftop bars in London!

Bussey Rooftop Bar, Peckham

Looking for a good date spot, or somewhere to catch up with friends? Why not try this tropical oasis? Yes, it’s quite a way up some stairs, but we promise the views are worth it! With music loud enough to create good vibes, cute floral décor on the trellises above and tasty drinks and food to enjoy, this is a perfect venue for your sunset moment!



Franks Cafe Rooftop Bar, Peckham

Another rooftop in Peckham you say? That’s because the perks of seeing the gorgeous London skyline from the southeast is worth so much, it demands more than one option! Set up in an old car park, this industrial, minimalist bar is a perfect spot for a pint with friends or a casual yet romantic date, with the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset.


Netil360 Rooftop Bar, Hackney

This eco-friendly terrace, which uses all biodegradable, plant-based packaging, is a perfect spot to catch the sunset over the city in the popular east London area of Hackney, all while being good for the environment about it!


Queen of Hoxton Rooftop


This classic Shoreditch hotspot is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a sunny spot in and amongst the concrete jungle, where you can nab yourself a delicious cocktail and soak up the energetic vibes of Shoreditch’s hustle and bustle.


Savage Garden London

This hangout on the 12th floor near the Tower of London is London’s latest spectacular rooftop you must see. A sultry hangout for the ideal date.  


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Lauren Hurrell
Lauren Hurrell

Lauren is a writer and editor based in Peckham, and a self-taught illustrator in her spare time. Originally from Bristol, she moved to London to study English and Film at KCL and an MA in Publishing from UCL and has lived in London for eight years. She is interested in writing about queer culture, arts and lifestyle, fashion and creativity.

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