Nonchalant ~ 8 Alternative Ways to keep Fit (In London)

8 Alternative Ways to keep Fit (In London)

Fit not thin

Bored of the same fitness routine? Try a solar rave class or one of these other alternative ways to keep fit…

Be fit, not thin.

With summer almost upon us and holiday’s on the horizon we maybe tryin’ a stop those chips turning to hips, but man, oh man it can be hard right? Fuck it. Eat those chips and exercise to balance it out. Plan? If pounding the pavements or listening to men with big necks grunt at the gym isn’t for you, maybe try these alternatives to keep you physically and mentally fit.


1 Skateboard: Longboard or regular board, penny or long cruiser, London offers some great flat terrain to get gliding. Grab yourself a longboard and get skating, great to burn calories (around 180 cals is per 30 mins) You can get a pretty decent beginner longboard online for around £80- £100 if you shop around. Check out our post a guide to skateboarding, to help you understand the difference between each board type and find the skateboard suited to you.

Fit not thin

2 Get Bouncing: Burn 126ish calories by jumping up and down on a trampoline for 30 mins. Advisable to wear a sports bra. There are a couple of bounce parks dotted around London and are open until later on in the evening. The pricing varies depending on session times and special offers, but usually around £10 – £20 per sesh.

Oxygen Freejumping Acton|W3 0AF
Jump Giants West London |SL3 0NJ

4 Parkour / Free Running: Remember kids, don’t try this at home. You’ll break yourself.
Parkour started off by some dudes in France in the 80’s… the rest is history.
London offers loads of Parkour groups, where you can learn how to look cool jumping over, up and across things.
Legend has it you burn around 500 calories in an hour doing so.

Skipping: Skipping burns around 220 calories in 30 minutes, once you’ve got your rope you’re good to go.
Aim to start slow and build up to tone alllll your muscles.
Adidas Skipping Rope | £14.99
Dynos Skipping Rope | £4.99


6 Climbing: A great way to stay active and tone up.
Get strapped into a harness and develop your strength to climb a huge wall. Sounds like fun.
If you want to take the harness away, this is apparently called Bouldering. Sounds like an accident waiting to happen.
Either way, climbing up walls (supervised) has gained momentum and popularity throughout the years. Once you have paid you can hang (see what we did there?) out there all day, it is a friendly atmosphere and people are always willing to help.
See below links to find your local centre.
Mile End Climbing Wall|E3 5BE
The Arch Climbing Wall |SE16 4DD
Vauxwall Climbing Centre |SW8 1SR
West One Climbing Wall |W1H 5TJ
The Climbing Hangar |SW6 4HH
The Reach Climbing Wall |SE18 5NR



7 Hula: Buy a Hula Hoop, yes one of those huge round things which circle around your hips and stomach to tone that bod.
It may feel like you’ve got your own gravitational force goin’ on but just embrace it. Be Saturn.
Just 30 mins burns over 200 calories but you do just need a fairly large space to throw such (circular) shapes.
Weighted Foam Hula Hoop| £12.99


Fit not thin

8 Or hop on two wheels for a cycle ride … check out our post on London’s cycle routes.

Happy keepin’ fit.

Nonchalant x

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