Nonchalant ~ Obonjan: You need to go!

Obonjan: You need to go!

Last year we hit up Obonjan mid Croatia island-hopping and we’re here to tell you that you need to go to this incred island this summer – there’s still time!

What the F is Obonjan? Good question, it’s a private island off the east coast of Croatia, described as the “perfect adults-exclusive island getaway you’ve always dreamed of” – and we’d have to agree with that.

Obonjan is what we’d like to describe as a Londoner’s secret island paradise. The island is only 134 acres in which you can walk from one side to the other in less than 15 minutes.

On the Island you’ll be able to enjoy morning yoga, sound meditation, juice bars, 2 gorgeous beach areas, a massive pool with panoramic sea views, plus poetry readings, live talks, live music performances and fantastic restaurants, including unique street food. Not to mention DJ sets by the pool and beach and at the forest bar in the evening.

Not only that, but you’ll stay in these bad boys…

Obonjan_Review_Nonchalant London

Obonjan_Review_Nonchalant London

Choose from either a bell tent (basically, don’t choose this as it’s not the best option) or a forest lodge or Sun Lodge, which include a double bed, private bathroom and shower, fridge and is air conditioned…or Sun Lodge.

Other Reason’s You’ll Love Obonjan:

2. Morning Yoga on the beach.

Obonjan Yoga - Nonchalant London Review

If you’re either a yogi … or an instagram whore then this will definitely be a reason to hit up the morning yoga on the beach at Obonjan.

3. Incredible Sunsets with so many private spots across the whole island to enjoy.

Obonjan Island Review - Nonchalant London

4. There’s DJ sets at each location.

5. You can go to Star Gazing sessions at night on a special location on the island.

6. There’s a relaxation spa where you can enjoy a massage outside.

Obonjan - Nonchalant London Review

7. The island organisers put have special speakers come to do talks, teach things and also carry out meditation sessions.

8. If you’re loaded, which we sadly are not, you can get there by helicopter.

9. This usually goes without saying these days, but it’s super LGBTQ+ friendly.

Our Top Tip’s for Obonjan: 

1. Take ear plugs, although it’s a chilled island – you are staying in a tent and it’s a pretty party in the forest area…until around 6am.

2. Bring your own snacks, alcohol and supplies. The shops on the island are ok but expensive.

3. Pay more and book either a Forest Lodge or a Sun Lodge, the bell tents are a bit small.

4. Don’t let the locals on main-land Croatia tell you there is no boat to Obonjan, that is a lie. Wait patiently for the private boat and it will appear magically over the horizon. On that same note – don’t pay a local to take you over on their tiny assed boat either, it’s a rip off and a 45min journey.

5. Only go for 4 – 5 days, that’s all you need – expect London prices.

6. Don’t miss out on the star gazing – it’s epic!

7. Definitely treat yourself to a massage and ask for it to be outside on the deck.

8. Jump in to the sea off the jetty… multiple times.

Sounds like a bit of you… book and check it out further here >

Enjoy, and let us know how it goes.

NL x

Abi Hill
Abi Hill

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