Nonchalant ~ Easy and Affordable Home Salon Hacks

Easy and Affordable Home Salon Hacks

In pre- quarantine times, home salon treatments were more of a money saving trick, now they are a necessity. We’ve come up with a list of fool proof products so good you might just make them part of your routine- permanently. Here is our list of 5 star rated essentials to keep you looking and feeling fresh with minimal effort.

Brow- Zing

Eyelure Dybrow | From £6.07

Brows looking lacklustre? Then take it from us, this easy three-step tint will help to define and enhance yours all the way to brows Cara Delevingne herself would be envious of. The kit contains colour cream, activator liquid, and an application wand. We recommend applying Vaseline on the skin around the brow first so only the hair captures the dye. Mix the creme and activator and apply to the brow (going back and forth against the hair to coat it entirely), then wipe it off and boom, banging brows. It comes in both black and brown but you can experiment with colour by leaving it on longer to get a darker shade. Under a tenner for 12 treatments? Your bank account will thank you later hun.

DIY Dermaplaning

Hollywood Browzer | £8.95

Face feeling a bit fuzzy? Eyebrows starting to look less like sisters and more like estranged cousins? Then dermaplaning could be your pain-free alternative to up-close and personal threading or aggressive waxing. But what exactly is it? Termed as a form of facial “exfoliation”, dermaplaning uses a ridged blade to remove the top layer of dead skin and hair. Using the blade at a 45-degree angle, make short strokes across the face, above the brows or literally anywhere else you might have unwanted peachy fuzz. (It’s also a win for removing fluff from body tatts.) We love the fresh face feeling after use and it provides a more even base for SPF or makeup.

Face Time

Coffee Herbal Face Scrub | Upcircle | £12.99

If like us, you swing from intense WFH to sunning yourself in the park, your skin probably needs some TLC. One of the most popular products for keeping skin looking healthy are exfoliants, which remove dead skin cells that face wash alone cannot remove. Nothing crazy inventive about that you say? Enter UpCircle Coffee Herbal Scrub. Using reclaimed ground Arabica coffee from independent London coffee shops, this cult product is eco friendly and gets regular 5 star reviews. Breathing in the herbal aroma of the rosemary whilst you buff is seriously stress busting and the shea butter leaves skin feeling deeply moisturised. Good for all skin types, sensitive and acne included, this is an all year round product that leaves you with “just been to the spa” vibes.

Re- Hydrate

STARSKIN Mask | Lookfantastic |£9.00

We all love a face mask as an instant hydrating pick me up, but not all face masks were created equal. With so many to choose from (what did we do before these bad boys were invented?), it can be hard to differentiate based on all the packaging claims. Those wanting the deep- calm and refreshed feeling of a regular in-salon facial need look no further than the STARSKIN Red Carpet Ready Mask. Its Bio-Cellulose design ensures it clings to the skin, allowing the vitamin-rich serum to sink in. The amino acids then work to leave your skin feeling plump and nourished. Top Tip – keep it in the fridge prior to use for an extra boost.

Foot Rehab

OhK! Peeling Foot Mask | Beauty Bay | £7.95

Whilst the early summer has had us reaching for our sliders, it’s also made us despo for a pedicure. There are plenty of scrubs, tools and creams on the market to show your feet some love, but where to start? If you are looking for the perfect quick fix then the OhK! Foot Peel Pack is ‘the one’. Put the plastic boots on to clean feet and pour in the liquid, then sit for an hour and a half. Go down the Insta rabbit hole, Netflix or meditate then simply remove the boots and rinse your feet. Over the next four days any dry or excess skin will start to peel away. The peel formula is made up of natural fruit acids that penetrate and remove dead skin, leaving it soft and callus free. Much more chill than all the scrubbing at the salon.

Nailin’ It

“Seven Dials” Gel Effect Polish | Nails Inc | £15.00

No one can deny the mood lifting effects of having a cheeky mani but not necessarily the price tag that usually comes with it. If you like to wear your colour with minimal effort and a professional finish then Nails Inc Gel effect polish is fool proof. The collection features colours ranging from classic neutrals to bold brights and you only need to apply 1-2 coats to get an even finish. The reason we are obsessed? Gel finish without the faff, with results lasting for around a week.


Almond Coconut Sugar Scrub | Laura Mercier | £41.00

If you are looking for an indulgent treat that both uplifts and nourishes then this is one to splurge on. Laura Mercier’s sugar scrub isn’t just any old body scrub. As we know, a good exfoliant will free us from dead skin that dulls and clogs pores. Applied to the body it will even out the skin surfaces, resulting in smoother shaves and more even fake tan application. The beauty of this pot of deliciousness is that it not only exfoliates but due to the inclusion of macadamia nut oils and Vitamins A&E, it also deeply moisturises the skin. For most though (us included) the scent is what gets you addicted. Notes of Vanilla, Coconut and Almond that stay on your skin all day. Mmm girl, you smell good.

Enjoy your pamper sesh!

If you are interested in your health as well as your beauty regime why not have a read on all the health benefits on including collagen into your diet.

Love Team Nonchalant xx

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