Nonchalant ~ Getting Motivated…Again

Getting Motivated…Again

Our working from home tips round two … here we go pals! The struggle is real, that’s for sure. If you’re anything like us, you started the first week of Jan all smiley and ready to go with a coffee in hand. Then week two rolled around and you were left wondering – why the f*** does January even exist, it’s a shit month, back to hibernation for moi please! We’re right here with you babe – writing this article from an “I-couldn’t-afford-to-buy-a-desk” desk … also known as the land of “this-lockdown-sucks-dick” vibes. Now we’ve got that out of our systems we can get to the point of this article. Which believe it or not was NOT to neg on January but to provide you with the next dose of motivational tips. Hooray, we hear you cry unmotivationally (yep, that’s not a real word). 

Spoiler alert, this is not your average everyday advice that you’ll read on a shit Instagram meme.

1. It’s ok to not feel motivated

Ooohhhh, didn’t see that one coming did ya!? This is golden rule number one hun and is something that is often really easy to forget. It’s a very common phenomenon of late that we find ourselves trying extremely hard to feel motivated. Or we might beat ourselves up because we didn’t tick off something on a ridiculously long to-do list. And before we know it it can get even worse. We might start comparing ourselves to others via social media; “oh, Sandra’s managed to bake yet another banana bread with her two-year-old, started a yoga blog and she’s put a shelf up on her bloody own as well”.

You might even find that you’re comparing yourself to your partner if you’re lucky enough to be in lockdown with your partner. They’re the first to go through your comparison radar – the poor girl! Comparing yourself to others has never been a good idea. Not now, not ever! 

To add to this point, it actually turns out that Millenials on average feel more pressure to succeed than other generations. A study revealed that 67% of Millenials said they had experienced “extreme” pressure to succeed in comparison to Gen X who at 40% and only 23% of Boomers.

Which suggests to us that we all need to learn from the other generations and take a bit of a chill pill. Remember, it’s ok to not feel motivated. It’s defiantly ok to experience failure and it’s one thousand per cent ok to not have reached your life goals yet. 

Here’s some home truths to get you back on the wagon: 
  • At 23, Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first reporting job.
  • Van Gogh failed as a missionary and decided to go to art school at the age of 27.
  • Harrison Ford was a carpenter at 30 years of age.
  • Alan Rickman gave up his graphic design career and pursued acting at age 42.
  • Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get his first movie role until he was 41.
  • Vera Wang hadn’t even started in fashion at the age of 40.

Now that we’ve hammered that point home we can give you the goods below. But please note the below is no good if you haven’t got point one safely secured in your brain. 

2. Create a mood board

You can create a mood board with a mate, a family member, with your partner, or even on your own. It’s super fun and can help you open your mind. Plus it allows you to hone in on what you really want in life and therefore what motivates you.

First of all, you should get hold of a stack of old magazines, newspapers, and travel brochures. You’ll also need a pin board and pins, or you can use A3 card and glue.

The aim is to look through all of the magazines and rip out any images that resonate with you. Stick these images on your mood board. Once your mood board is finished you should hang it somewhere in the house where you can see it everyday.

3. Get a life coach

A lot of people will laugh at this one. But why? A lot of people may think that life coaches are for the rich – we’ll ask again, but why? When you’re not feeling too motivated or successful investing in a life coach is the perfect time to get some help and support. In the past (pre-rona) you might have easily spent £100 on a night out in SoHo, why not put that towards a life coach or therapy instead.

Life coaches are in abundance in London and we highly recommend reaching out to a few and getting a quote. Generally they’ll work with you on a set amount of sessions, for example six sessions, in order to get your goals and motivation in order.

Here are a few to check out below:

4. Make Your Bed

Literally and figuratively. In the morning get up and make sure you make your bed, then move on to the next task.

We feel that this video explains this approach perfectly:

4. Have a set routine

If you’re currently working from home and you’re struggling to keep your mind focused then that’s completely natural. Having a set routine and sticking to it is a really helpful factor to keep on the motivation train.

Think about how you want to live your day and list out all of the important things that you should include in your routine. For example, it might be important to you to have a morning work out, or you might need to walk the dog or include your beauty regime. Once you have these listed out, your next step should be to write down the hours you have free outside of work – here’s where you can start filling out your tasks.

You should make sure your routine is pinned on the wall, or you can check out Papier who have some great daily planners:

It’s also important to tweak your routine if you feel it’s not possible to action everything on it. Tweak and tweak until it works for you.

We have some more epic information on routines and motivational tips in our article: Remote Working Top Tips

Lastly, if you ever feel demotivated, or unsuccessful, take a breath, laugh, and forgive yourself.

If you have any tips then let us know by commenting below,

Best wishes,

Team Nonchalant x

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