Nonchalant ~ Health Can Often Be Found In Substitution

Health Can Often Be Found In Substitution

health Being the healthiest you can be (or to use an old phrase, ‘living your best life’), something that will be hella good for you, as long as you don’t get lazy. But sometimes, health can be a chore/a bit boring (partying hard, late nights or getting the first tube or train home is often more fun and you always have a story to tell). We might not always have time or the stamina (after said nights out) to run four miles on the treadmill daily. Or you might be bored of restraining yourself from delving into a chocolate cake like Bruce Bogtrotter (you can do it Bruce!) cut out the rigid/ unachievable, boring health. Substitute unhealthy things.

Adjust your schedule and decisions, instead of coming up with completely new ideas and unachievable nonsense (maybe just the one slice of cake though, you don’t want to end up looking like bruce). Even those real health weirdos, cough, cough, sorry, CONSCIOUS, adjust their lives slightly to reach for the healthier option.

In order to see the vast benefit of what an attitude like this can have, you need to experiment with it. With our advice for substituting, you could have a look at the following:

Green Tea vs. Coffee

Coffee saves mornings! Yeah, we have all struggled in the week, and coffee has been our saviour. And we at Nonchalant can certainly say we are addicts. However, (ah shit, this is where we get veggie about coffee) drinking coffee continuously isn’t always the most effective behaviour if we hope to sustain continuous and reliable energy levels throughout the day (Bollocks). This is because we have caffeine come down guys, and no one likes a comedown. And like most drugs (wait, did someone say drugs?) the more you have the more you need to get the same kick, which could be both expensive and also not recommended.

While coffee is not unhealthy and definitely has many beneficial cardiovascular effects, green tea, substituted a few times a day, could be a better option. With a quality loose leaf green tea, a smaller amount of caffeine goes into you, but the natural restorative elements of the leaf can calm you, reducing anxiety, giving you a gentle drip feed of caffeine that does nothing to increase your tolerance, and tastes fantastic (well you’ll get used to the taste).

Choosing The Harder Option

The harder option (sounds scary, but don’t be afraid) can just be small things/changes. Choosing to walk to the tube, (that, to be honest, is about 20 minutes away, stop getting the bus you lazy bitch) and listening to a podcast might increase your commute, but it could be a very useful workout. Of course, using stairs instead of lifts could wake you up as much as a morning coffee might (we doubt it, but it might) and cycling to work is also a good choice…. unless you’re cycling around London with no cycle highways, then keep safe.

Developing Friends

Our social scene contributes to our health in more ways than one. Hang with people who support you, who nourish your emotions, and who help you feel more positive. Positive vibes only, please and thank you. Disconnect from people who drag you down, criticise you or have seemingly no enthusiasm for life. You don’t need that negativity in your life. You will absorb the energy of people around you, and so being careful with this is important. Although, if you have a friend who is providing constructive criticism, keep them around, they’re a keeper.

Be the best you can be with these tips.

Team Nonchalant X


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