Nonchalant ~ How to make your own at home cinema date

How to make your own at home cinema date

Going to the cinema has always been one of life’s pleasures. From having parties as a child, to finally being able to overspend on the pick ‘n’ mix as an adult-the cinema has always remained the ultimate short term escape from real life. Well boy, real-life has definitely come a’knockin this year and now that most of us spend a solid 70% of our time indoors, why not bring the cinema to your very own front room and have an at-home cinema date? Here are our top suggestions to turn your room into the best seats in the house.

Fairy Lights

How to make your own at home cinema date

OK, so technically all lights should be out for the ultimate cinema experience but nothing says ‘setting a mood’ like twinkly lights and a few well-placed candles.


blankets home cinema

Have you ever heard the one about two girls and a blanket? Well you have to stay cosy especially during a long film, and y’know if it gets cold, extra snuggle room for heat.


projector home cinema date

So while some of us may be ok with watching a film on the TV, if you really want to step up your home cinema experience, investing in a projector is a must! Relatively easy to install, and you don’t even need to add a screen-as long as you have a plain white wall in your house, you’re ready to press play!


snacks for home cinema

Easily one of the most important aspects of a movie night is making sure you have the ideal snacks. Now popcorn is a classic, but why not go one step further and get these popcorn buckets for the ultimate cinema experience, as well as that hint of nostalgia.


How to make your own at home cinema date

Hear us out here, yes the sofa may be great but as a kid the bean bag was the ultimate chair. Essentially a giant cushion you can just become part of, and when you’re midway through an epic movie who doesn’t want to sink into their seat?


Ok so now you have a pretty sweet set up, it’s time to choose a film. The question is what? Now we are pretty big on a good franchise, so why not hit play on working your way through every Marvel movie ever made. With 3000 minutes of movies to get through-not a bad way to spend these evenings indoors. Or if you prefer some queer films we have some suggestions…

Cocktail Shaker

glass of fruit drink beside slice lemons

Ok, so not necessarily essential to creating a home cinema but why not try out cocktails inspired by your favourite movies? A sidecar named Desire, or a Mrs Stout-Fire; if you’re having friends around get creative, or if you’re having a lady round-impress her.

So now you have all the ingredients for the perfect movie night, dim the lights and let’s press play. Let us know how you’re setting up your indoor cinema, and if you’re feeling risky take it outside and make it a drive-in. Enjoy your at home cinema dates!

Love Team Nonchalant x

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