Nonchalant ~ How To Plan The Perfect Winter Wedding

How To Plan The Perfect Winter Wedding

Summer, yep, as well as being the best time for festivals, day time drinking, rubbing sun cream all over your body, it is the most popular time for a wedding.  However, summer weddings are a lot more expensive you may not be able to get a date without years of notice at decent venues (this could pose some problems if you’re U-Haul). If you don’t have loads of dollar then save it for the alcohol rather than the venue and have a winter wedding.

Now we can hear what you’re saying, oh it’s going to be fucking freezing or my nips are going to look like Chloe’s from TOWIE on any day of the week (British culture for our overseas readers) but if you plan it properly, you can still have a banging wedding in the winter. If we have convinced you from that short intro to go for the winter wedding then, here are some great tips to help you plan.


Dress Properly

Wearing a dress and nothing else in the winter is going to get cold (yep, think back to Chloe’s nips) so get yourself some warm bits to go with it. A thick veil or a fitted cardigan will keep the chicken skin and nips at bay keeping you warm(ish) in the evening if it gets a bit chilly. Make sure that you wear thick tights underneath your dress (really sexy). Prepare for the weather otherwise you’ll have more regret than the regret you feel after waking up to a 4, when you thought she was a 10 the night before.


Go For A Rustic Theme

A rustic themed wedding is something people go for cos it’s cool and works in autumn or winter. Think of the setting;  brown and yellow leaves on the trees and all amongst the greenery and the cold weather works well with rustic wedding theme you are going for.

Pick a barn venue (make sure that you get one that’s been renovated well so it’s not too cold) or your mother in law will not be impressed/ you don’t want people having to turn up in their snowboarding gear, don’t think that will work well in your wedding photos. Get some decent rustic wedding invitations by Pure Invitation. Decorate the venue with lots of neutral colours and serve something that will keep them warm potentially something traditional to eat. 


Warm Cocktails

Now we have come to the good bit, the alcohol….. everyone loves a cocktail at a wedding (or anywhere) and serving cocktails at a wedding is a great way to add a bit of class, keep it classy San Diego (unless you have loads and end up doing something not so classy) When it is cold outside (and potentially in the barn if you haven’t got a decent one, try some warm winter cocktails instead. Mulled wine or red wine hot chocolate are both going to keep your guests and you happy/ merry. If you got kids running about you can do non-alcoholic versions too.


Beauty Prep

Prepare your lovely skin for the cold, no one wants to have their first kiss as married women with chapped lips, it ain’t sexy. Make sure you have decent lip balm and skin moisturiser (make it easy for your make up artist to put make-up on skin that doesn’t look like you’ve just gone for a peel) You will need to use moisturiser leading up to and on the day (obvs) to make sure its smooth and beautiful.


Have A Single Venue

Travelling is always a ball ache sometimes so make it easy for you and your guests by having a single venue. People won’t want to travel in the cold either (you don’t want people remembering your wedding for the shit weather conditions and for ruining their shoes in the mud or snow) so make it easy for and rememberable for the right reasons.

Don’t be a diva by being late to your own wedding, make sure you have accounted for the time it will take you travel. If you do have to have separate venues, make sure that they’re close to each other and leave enough time for people to get there even if the roads are bad, if it’s in the uk the chances of the roads being bad a slim, but make sure you still plan for it, you don’t want to suffer whiplash from flying all over the roads before you get married.


Venue Decorations

Getting married in the winter around Christmas time, there’s a chance that there might be Christmas decorations up. If you think, ‘you’re tacky and I hate you’ then ask at the venue and see if they’ve got any pictures of the decorations from last year. if you still think they’re tacky as fuck ask the venue if they can take them down for the wedding. Make sure you check all this out before you agree to hire the venue so there aren’t any problems with your lack of Christmas cheer.


Planning The Photos

Photos are going to be there forever for you to look over when you’re chilling with the fam. Remember though, that you don’t have as much daylight during the winter. If you leave it too late, you’re going to be rushing to get all of the pictures done before the sun goes down (rushing people to get photos done is like herding cats).  Have an earlier ceremony so you’ve got plenty of time to do all of the photos while the light is still good.

Enjoy your winter wedding with all these tips!



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