Nonchalant ~ How Your Relationship Can Survive Self-Isolation

How Your Relationship Can Survive Self-Isolation

As more and more of us around the world are now being told to social distance or self-isolate, the world can seem a little lonely for some. Self-isolating has offered a completely new experience for many relationships.

Before all this, your only worries were where you were going on holiday this summer. What your next couples sex toy was going to be, or maybe you were worried about meeting her scary/intimidating mother. (Bet the mother ain’t so scary now hey).

Whether you are forced to stay in with your partner or forced to stay apart from them, self-isolation will be a trying time for either scenario. But before you panic, we are here to give you some advice on how to either keep that new relationship alive or not kill your partner, if you are forced to live in your tiny flat with your 10 adopted cat children.

Doing It Apart

Damn, when everything had started picking up and you thought you had finally melted the ice queen, now fucking Coronavirus has come along and has given it the potential to really fuck it…..

Try not to think like this. Yes, it’s been a slow ride and you seemed to be going in the right direction with this girl but it is important to remember that this might not be the end, there are ways to keep the ice queen melted.

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Video calls

Technology is a wonderful thing. Ok, so you’ve been doing that thing where you don’t message much because one of you is rubbish at messaging. Yeah, that is fine when you can see each other at some point/there isn’t a bat virus floating about.

However, you are now going to have to make a bit more of an effort hun. You won’t be able to get those re-assuring cuddles and kisses after not hearing from her for weeks.

Make video calls part of your daily routine. This will mean you aren’t reading into messages, thinking that they mean something they do not. You will be able to gauge the tone of the conversation much easier and hear their lovely voice and see their lovely face. LOVELY stuff.

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Top Apps to stay in touch:

Let’s Talk About Sex

Yay, sex. Oh, wait, if you’re apart there will be no sex, and for HOW long?!

You can still have sex. You know those video calls we literally were just talking about… well maybe, just maybe, you could make them a little sexier.

Spice it up peeps, if you have a person on the other end of the phone do it together. Makes it much more fun than watching those fake pornhub vids with women with really long nails. You ain’t fooling anyone babes.

Once this is all over, just think how good the sex will be.

Don’t Panic

As much as this might be scary for you and what it means for your new-found relationship, this isolation stuff will come to an end eventually.

You may have an even stronger relationship at the end of it. Just chill, think about why you’re doing this and how it is for the health of everyone.

You got this.

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Doing It Together

Whether you have just moved in or been living in your apartment for a few years, this will probably be the most amount of time you have been together. No holidaying or travelling don’t count, you will be stuck together 24/7 in potentially a one bed with no garden.. Scary stuff.

Create Routine

If you are working from home it is easy to just pick up your laptop and work from your bed for the day. It’s cosy and you can keep your pyjamas on and why bother getting ready when you aren’t seeing anyone?

Well, you are, and it is your partner. Whilst doing those things at the weekend every now and then is thoroughly enjoyable, it gets old very quickly. You both need to make an effort.

Set up a daily routine as if you are going to work, have meals at the times you would usually. If you are lucky enough not to live in a one-bed maybe have two separate workspaces, this will help with your relationship and productivity.

Have Your Own Space

You don’t need to be next to each other all the time.

You can be in the same room and not speak to each other for a while, you don’t need to feel obliged to entertain each other 24/7. That would get annoying.

These quiet moments apart will mean when you do speak it will probably be something interesting and you will appreciate each other a bit more.

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Be Chill

Arguments will happen. It may be over the smallest of things such as that tea stain that you constantly have to clean up because they seem to be blind to it every morning. Whatever it is keep your chill, self-isolation isn’t the time to hold a grudge. Be chill.

Whatever your relationship status, keep sane and you got this.

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