Nonchalant ~ January Blues. Here’s how to avoid them.

January Blues. Here’s how to avoid them.

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If you were to say to us ‘January fucking sucks’ you would be preaching to the choir chick! It’s cold, dark, miserable, we’re all broke from buying Christmas presents, and to top it all off, this Jan, we are in the midst of a pandemic. Still! Well, it is time to leave all that negativity in 2020. We discuss how to say ‘fuck you’ to January blues.

Why do we get the blues in January?

Well, this one is probably obvious, we have had a couple of months leading up to Christmas and then New Year. You have eaten and drunk yourself silly. Now that is over, the days are still short, the weather is still shit, what is there to look forward to?

Then there is also the scientific explanation. They call it Seasonal Affective Disorder, with the appropriate acronym SAD. Forget the COVID vaccine, you have outdone yourself there. Well done science. This is more centred around the fact that we don’t see so much natural sunlight, which can lead to us feeling like shit. It can affect people at any point during the winter months, but coupled with the anticlimax of January we begin to feel the January Blues.

Take time out for yourself

For this, we would usually say go on holiday, but currently (although we are hopeful) not too sure what the deal will be. Take some time to do what you like, you need something to look forward to. Plan on seeing a friend (virtually or not), maybe read a book, listen to a podcast, do some art. Treat yo self, no matter how small that is. Be kind to yourself.


As hard as it is to motivate ourselves sometimes when we are not feeling too great, exercise is a real good mood enhancer. If you don’t like the idea of joining a gym, maybe start with a 30-minute walk or 20 minutes of yoga.

Exercise will release those good time endorphins and help boost your mood, plus if you go outside for your walk you get that sweet sweet D…vitamin D.

Set realistic resolutions

If you are going to set some resolutions for the new year, make sure they are achievable. Don’t set yourself up for a fail, you will feel really shitty if you don’t manage them.

We would all love to say, ‘I’m going to make 1 million by the end of the year,’ but the truth is you probably won’t.

If you set yourself a resolution and it requires a lot of actions, write those actions down, how will you go about achieving that resolution? If your resolution is to read more books, perhaps one of your actions or goals would be to join a book club. Bosh! Easy. Next action please.

Go outside

As mentioned earlier, vitamin D is really good for you (if you didn’t know already) and if you ain’t getting it, you ain’t going to feel too happy.

Of course, going out for a stroll to get that vitamin D naturally is ideal but if you don’t get the chance (darker days innit) or you aren’t getting enough, there are always alternatives available at Holland & Barrett (Penny sale hun, woo), Boots or your local supermarket.

Get a good light

If you are struggling to get up or go to sleep because you aren’t getting much natural light with the darker days. With us now mostly working from home, we can get into the routine of sitting at our desks or in our homes. If that is the case get a light that can help you with that.

There are a few out there but our favourite is the Alarm Clock Wake up Light you can set the light for waking up and for sleeping.

If you continue to feel low, you may need to talk to a professional, don’t be afraid of reaching out. Take care of yourselves and be kind to yourselves.

If you need a bit of light relief, then check out our article on funny messages, share some with your mates.

Love Team Nonchalant xx

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