Lesbian TV Shows to Stream Now

lesbian tv shows

Lesbian, bi and queer people are now being represented in almost every TV show and film we put on these days. We are everywhere and so we should be.



With further COVID restrictions being put in place and Tiers being added left right and centre, why not check out these Lesbian TV shows you can stream.

Disclaimer: Ok, not all of these TV shows have MAIN characters who are bisexual, lesbian or queer. But the side stories are sometimes just as important.



A psychological thriller Netflix series delving into the life of a nurse taken from the novel One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

The show set in the 1940s stars Sarah Paulson as Nurse Ratched who gets a job in an asylum hospital where some questionable experiments are taking place.


Ratched herself is also a questionable character but we won’t give too much away other than we find out she is a closet lesbian (she does have some weird sex with a man at one point but as it is the 40s we think that is because she wants to deny her lesbian tendencies)

I Am Not Ok With This

Sydney is a 17-year-old girl who just wants to be just like everyone else.

She is struggling with the suicide of her father and the inability of her mum to discuss it. This lack of discussion and Sydney realising that she might be a lesbian leads to some serious anger issues which give her some kind of super-strength, this helps out her mates a little bit but also gets her into trouble.

Feel Good

A biographical rom-com series from the stand-up comedian Mae Martin. This show defines the term U-Haul.

The story centres around Mae who is a recovering addict and her new girlfriend George. At first, they are completely caught up in their (we will say lust and not love) for each other, being silly, having lots of sex and spending way too much time together.


Then it gets serious, with troubles beginning when George won’t speak of or introduce Mae to her friends because George has never been with a woman before and is finding it hard to open up about it. And then George finds out Mae is a recovering addict. Awkward.

Work in Progress

A comedy about a depressed 45 year old lesbian. Or as she calls herself “fat, queer dyke.” It is often painstakingly awkward but we loved it for that.

The main character Abby McEnany meets Theo a 22 year-old barista who is a trans man and they begin a relationship.

Lip Service

Ok so this is 10 years old but we still think it is relevant, a bit like a Scottish L Word only a bit more gritty with some straight men thrown in and not quite as popular.

It is part of our lesbian history so we should watch it.

Gentlemen Jack

Probably one of the catchiest theme tunes (apart from the original L word theme tune of course) that the list has.

Suranne Jones plays a very convincing lesbian in 1832. The show is based on the collection of diaries discovered and decoded written by a landowner at the time, Ann Lister.


Batwoman is a lesbian, who knew?

Set three years after Batman has fucked off and ghosted Gotham. Ok, to be fair he has gone missing. His cousin (Batwoman) sets out to become the new hero that Gotham desperately needs.

Tales of the City

A remake of the original on Channel 4 in 1993 then shown on PBS in the US in 1994. It caused quite the controversy back then with its tales of homosexual themes, nudity and drug use (all the good stuff).

It is back in this Netflix remake, with Ellen Page as the main character and basically playing herself. It tells the tale of queer, gays, trans lives with them all trying to save their communal house living situation in San Francisco.

Winonna Earp

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Winonna Earp is the great-great-grandaughter of the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. She inherits her grandfathers’ special power to return revenants (zombies essentially) back to Hell.

Whilst Winonna is kicking ass, her sister Waverley is (mostly) by her side. Waverley gets a big ol girl crush on the local police officer. A pretty attractive red-headed lady. This is the first time Waverly has been crushing on a woman, queue some awkward and adorable firsts for her.

Dead To Me

It’s a dark and witty comedy about a friendship that grows from mutual grief.

Christina plays Jen who is grieving the loss of her husband who was a victim of a hit and run and Linda plays Judy, says that she has lost her husband due to a heart attack but it turns out Judy is actually the driver of the hit and run car that killed Jens’ husband. Yeah, it is pretty messy.

In the second series Judy develops some feels for a lady. Yass, go on Jude.

Can’t deny both Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini play their characters well.


A coming of age series and perhaps a little teen for us but it is still worth a mention.

Three girls find they all have something in common when they meet at a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting. They also happen to go to the same school, but they keep their friendship a secret.

Personally we think the lesbian character (Elodie) is a little bit of a drip we would prefer Moe. But judge for yourself.

The Umbrella Academy

Another series based on a comic. can honestly say we are obsessed with this one.

It’s about an unlikely bunch of adopted brothers and sisters, all appear to have some kind of supernatural powers.

Vanya who is played by Ellen Page is the one we are most interested in. First off you know that if Ellen Page is playing her, she is 99% going to be a lesbian. We are proved correct in the most recent series.

It’s an addictive show so make sure you set aside plenty of time to watch.


This is a comedy-drama about an 18-year-old boy (Sam) who has autism and how he copes with the world around him.

As the series develops you see that Sam’s pretty cool sister starts to get feelings for her best friend.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Very loosely, and we are saying very loosely based on the novel by Henry James’s, ‘The Turn of the Screw.’ This is a supernatural horror and quite gripping.

A story about a governess who goes to look after two young children at Bly Manor after their mother and father die, however the previous governess was found dead in the manors grounds and there is something a little odd about Bly Manor and its occupants.

Throughout the series, there are a couple of potential romances, one being with Dani, the governess and Amelia, the gardener. It’s hot.

You might also recognise Dani (Victoria Pedretti) from the second series of You. We were crushing on her then and we are continuing to crush on her now even when she has her 80s hair.

Orange Is the New Black

Mate, if you haven’t heard of this or watched it, we are afraid you need to remove yourself from the queer community. That’s right return your badge and leave through the exit door on your right.

The L Word (of course)

We repeat what we said above hun. If you haven’t seen or heard of these famous queer women get watching.

If you liked this and want to check out more lesbian, bi and queer female representation on your screen, why not check out our article on Lesbian Films on Amazon Prime?

Love Team Nonchalant xx

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