Nonchalant ~ Mastering a Personal Rebrand

Mastering a Personal Rebrand

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From breakups to season changes, everyone needs to “rebrand” once in a while. What’s a personal rebrand? Well, glad you asked Susan – it’s when you change your style and generally have a makeover to give yourself more confidence and a fresh way of thinking. There’s literally loads of reasons as to why you should carry out a rebrand from starting a new job through to needed a bit of a change, we find it improves confidence, overall contentment and therefore positivity thus impacting your happiness and those around you…. not to mention increasing your chances of getting laid by 50% (we made that part up but go with it).

We feel a rebrand is absolutely VITAL post break up, however you don’t just need to “rebrand” after heartbreak, no no babes, we highly recommend you carry out a couple of mini rebrands even if you’re in a long term relationship. Never get too comfortable and never stop trying to improve yourself – Read on and we’ll have you feeling like an absolute legend again in no time.

Step 1: Style Upgrade

Nonchalant London Rebrand

Whether you’re rebranding yourself because of a new job, a season change, or to get over your dumb ex, the key take home from this lecture (and it is a lecture) is you need to nail your wardrobe.

Start by creating a Pinterest board. Pin everything you come across that you like on this board. You can find inspiration from pretty much everywhere from people in your immediate circle to surfing the web (lol, “the web” – is it the 90s?). Instagram is your BFF for this – following influencers and brands that inspire you is the best way to stumble across new outfits and trends.

We’re all super busy, so another great thing safe time on this is checking out our fashion section, sign up to our emails here and articles about trends will come straight to your inbox.

Don’t forget, it’s all about building your confidence, so avoid anything that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. By all means, try new things and be open minded but only you can decide on what makes you look and feel good about yourself. For more ways to feel confident in what you wear check out this helpful article about powerful ways of ensuring that you are going to be happier with how you look.

Step 2: Broaden your Horizons

Nonchalant London Rebrand

Start to see what life has to offer. There’s so many things that you could potentially find a passion for that you never knew existed. Whether it’s art, new music, fashion, writing or sport, explore all of the incredible things that life has to offer and you’ll find that you’ll meet new people and you’ll have a lot more chat.

Lame stuff aside, a place to check out new quirky things to try in London would be our to do section. From Life Drawing to Crazy Golf – London has everything and we’ll be sending you info on the best bits so this step should be a breeze sista.

Step 3: Hur Did

Nonchalant London Rebrand

Ok, this is definitely a shallow one but getting your hair done is pretty fun and can bring about a massive change to how you feel about yourself and how you come across to others. One of our favourite salons in London is Blue Tit – can’t go wrong (get your cash out though because they ain’t cheap).

Step 4: Make Over

Nonchalant London Rebrand

Similarly to the above this step is shallow but also makes you feel confident. Have a mini make over.

From upgrading your make up to getting your nails done, there’s millions of beauty things you can do to just give yourself that extra rebranded edge. Three quick wins for this step are Nails, Eyebrows, Teeth…. Nails gelled, eyebrows threaded, teeth whitened – WINNER!

Step 5: Take Up Meditation

Nonchalant London Rebrand

Research shows that self-reflection, mediation and mindfulness is as important to us these days as the food we put in our bodies. Make sure you include meditation in to your daily routine for your rebrand and you’ll be feeling like a new person in no time. A great app to learn how to meditate is called Calm.

Research: Thorpe, Matthew. ?12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation??Healthline, 5 July. 2017

Step 6: Do Something Left Field

Rebrand Nonchalant London

This is a “fuck it” type step. A bit of a “YOLO” situation. Can’t believe we’ve just wrote “YOLO” on Nonchalant London as it could possibly be the wankiest term in the new english language but weirdly it gets the point across with this one.

What do we mean? Well, just do something that’s a little bit unusual for you – live a little. Get a stylish tragus piercing (lol), get a tattoo, do a skydive, go travelling, skinny dip…you get the idea. Basically, push yourself to try new things, have a laugh and create new stories to tell your mates/potential new girlfriend. A place to start would be to write a list of 10 things you’ve always wanted to do – and then make a start.

We hope we’ve inspired you to think outside the box with a personal rebrand. If you’re gunna take up this process then let us know how you get on in the comments section below

Best of luck my little butterfly…


Nonchalant x

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