Mighty Hoopla, are you going?

might hoopla celebration

I say Mighty, you say Hoopla.

The big question we are all asking ourselves as the Queen approaches her 70th year on the throne is, what are we going to do with the extra day off?

There’s a hub of activity all over the land! I sure know where a few of us will be.. it starts with Mighty and ends in Hoopla! Taking place on Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th June over the jubilee weekend at Brockwell Park.

It’s a vibe at Mighty Hoopla

Last year’s festival was absolutely glorious, pride flags dancing on sticks like qualified ballerinas, outfits fit for a cat-walk (the glam type, not the street with the vets at the end of it), glitter splashed faces and smiles as wide as the many stages. 

The atmosphere was similar to pride; chatty, inclusive and very excitable. Minus the downsides such as the streets not quite being wide enough to fit everyone in, instead the host location lends itself to beautiful surroundings of Herne Hill and the bougie-ness of SW9. It’s an all day event with an opportunity for you to enjoy Brockwell Park as it resembles something out of a Disney film! We normally head there for a little after 2pm, however you do you Hun! You can get there as soon as the gates open, and it’s cheaper to get tickets that accommodate that dedication.

Bands at Mighty Hoopla

If all of this hasn’t already got you checking for tickets, there is no tragedy when it comes to the line up. Steps, Sugababes, and so many more that we urge you to give it a Google and revel in the beauty of the throw back that will have your hips swaying, your feet tapping and your shoulders bopping.

There are many stages, spread out across the park with an opportunity for you to shake what your mamma gave you to all types of music. You also won’t be short of a choice of bar’s, plenty of those to keep you hydrated –  in a way that might encourage you to think you can sing.

So, as the date gets nearer, the weather is predicted to be warm with a strong chance of banger after banger.

might hoopla band

After party!

Unfortunately, due to park rules the party normally ends around 10pm but there are loads of places that encourage you to keep the party alive. Including Brixton Electric who host the official after party.

As the long weekend approaches, we wish you all bundles of fun, whatever you decide to do with your extra days off. May it be royally marvellous. 

I say Mighty, you say Hoopla!! I say Mighty, you say Hoopla.. (this needs to be a thing..)

Get all the official information for the festival.

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Love Team Nonchalant xx

Laura Walker
Laura Walker

Laura is a London based Creative Writer for Nonchalant Magazine.

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