Netflix Series You Should be Watching Now

Apart from the obvious Netflix shows that you should be watching (and we may expect you have already seen them) like Umbrella Academy, Arrested Development. You may have already caught some on Netflix you may have seen on tv originally like, People Just Do Nothing, The End of The Fucking World or Flowers (if you haven’t seen these you should) We don’t want to give you the obvious we want to give you decent series’ some of which you may even be surprised at.

So don’t lose out on office chat you loser, get on them. Here’s our top 5 series to watch right now.

Dead to Me

A dark comedy starring Christina Applegate (she is still as hot as the day she was on Anchorman…also still funny) and Linda Cardellini, you may be like, where the fuck do I know her from… perhaps from ER, Scooby- Doo or Daddy’s Home (a real mixture for you).

A weird friendship that comes after both suffer grief, gripping from the beginning, with a few twists and turns until the end.

Bonus: It’s created by Liz Feldman who identifies as a lesbian.

Shadow of Truth

A docuseries which explores the brutal murder of a 13-year-old girl at her school in Northern Israel. A man who was working there temporarily is convicted of her murder. This series interviews the parents as well as others within the community who have their own theories about what happened.

Our Planet

If you haven’t heard of this one…well, where have you been?! This documentary has the soft sounds of Attenborough to talk you through the wondrous planet we live on BUT be warned this is a tear jerker, yeah, our planet s awesome but we are killing it and everything that lives on it.

Perhaps not one to watch when you are on a massive come down. But still very important viewing.

Big Mouth

All about hormonal kids going through pubity but make no mistake, this is an adult show. It is funny and gross in equal measure, theres a few famous voices tat we will leave for you to figure out.

Our fave characters are Connie and Coach Steve. We are waiting on the next series anxiously.


This documentary explores the trials and tribulations of being incarcerated in America, focusing on the lives of women, their friendships, arguments and relationships.

An often touching portrayal of the lives on inmates in the facility and what they do to cope with the situation they have found themselves in.

Happy Viewing

Nonchalant xx

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