Nonchalant ~ Our Remote Working Top Tips

Our Remote Working Top Tips

So, there’s no denying that this is an odd time for sure. But we want to give you something to keep your badass-boss-bitch demeanour in check regardless of the world outside. For this, we reached out to our full team here at Nonchalant Magazine and asked them for their top tips on remote working, and gurl did they deliver.

As a full team of remote writers, we have a few tricks up our sleeves…. check them out below and right at the bottom of this article we let you in on our workflow secrets and provide you with our recommendation on apps and hacks to manage a fully remote team. You’re welcome.

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1. Create a daily routine

This might seem like overkill, and you might even bat this one off because you think you have a routine already but you’ll very slowly find you’re happy to work in your PJs on the regular, and that’s just not ok hun.

Your routine will not only help you to be more efficient at work, but it will also allow you to leave your work at work (which, is hard when work is your home right now). Make sure you include breaks in your routine, time to go for walks and exercise. AND stick to it, you can let it slide every now and then but when you feel like you’re mentally drained or your vibe is a little off you know you’re missing your routine.

We created this super cute routine below:

2. Do shower & do wear makeup

Again, you’ll be surprised as to how often you’d prefer to just join that important meeting with your laptop camera off because you’re still in your jammies. This is ok now and again but don’t make it a habit. You’ll feel much more switched on after getting washed and dressed.

Plus, you never know when you might need to pop your camera on for a meeting so always best to be prepared.

3. Create yourself an ‘Office’

This is great for your mental health and general well being. Make yourself an area in your house that you call the ‘office’ and set up your work station. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a separate room and a desk to have your laptop or computer screen set upon, or if you’re like most of us Londoners and you may be in a flatshare, it’s still important to allocate an area as your “I’m at work” space.

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This means you can go to “work” in the morning, and leave “work” in the evening, even if leaving work is as little as shutting that laptop screen and popping it away, it’s vital you have a space to relax in that’s not associated with Carol from accounts.

4. Consider wearing shoes

Similarly to showering, putting makeup on and having an “office” at home, popping your shoes on whilst you’re working can really help you differentiate your professional mindset to your relaxed mindset.

This is a great life hack if you are that classic Londoner in a flatshare so consider wearing your shoes whilst you’re working, and then taking them off once you’ve clocked off for the day.

5. Do take lunch and do clock off on time

Do take lunch, and do have regular breaks from the screen. It’s ok to let your colleagues know that you’re popping to make a coffee, and it’s ok to have 10mins here and there to take your eyes off your screen – in fact, you must.

We’re going to allow you a max of 15 minutes extra work, but if your working day ends at 6pm then please stick to that as much as possible. God, we understand when there are some tight deadlines (hello, we work for a magazine), but in this present time, we all need to be strict on our time to help with our mental health.

Our top tip for this is set yourself alarms or reminders as to when to take a break or when to stop working. Or perhaps get Alexa involved to set yourself some reminders – she does more than just play Spotify ya know.

6. Motivational Cues

motivational quote

Now more than ever we need to stay focused and motivated. So why not pop some motivational quotes on your computer screen or wall. We’ve listed a couple of nice prints below to consider:

Oh, and here’s another killer tip. Get a printed calendar and have the day and date up somewhere. Sometimes days merge into one when you work from home.

Calendar for 2020

7. Make sure you exercise

This is an obvious one, you’re not commuting, you’re not rushing about anywhere, and so you’re definitely not burning as many calories, my friend.

Don’t stress, we got you boo. Here are some great work out apps and live classes below:

P.E. With Joe Wicks

Yoga with Adriene

7 Minute Workout App


Top Apps & Tools for Remote Working

Although it feels a little strange remote working, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll get done and how productive your team will be. Our team are 100% remote here at Nonchalant Magazine. So we thought we’d let you in on our secrets as to how we keep things moving around here. Check out the tools we use below:

Meetings & Communication


Slack is a great instant messaging tool, you can also call people, video call, create channels and send attachments. We find it much faster than email and have our full writing team regularly chatting away to each other via Slack (well, sending gifs mainly).

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is great for virtual meetings. Send a calendar invite and make it a virtual “hangout” and away you go. We find this is a little less hectic over Zoom but the only downside is you need to have a Gmail account. Google Hangouts has a free option and premium features for those who use GSuit.


We use Zoom for online courses or meetings that need a little more sophistication and options. The great thing about zoom is there is a free version and you can use it with any email address.

File Sharing

Google Drive

Again, another great product from Google here. It’s free up to 15MB but they also offer premium options if you need more space. This is a great tool to also collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and more. Your team can all write on the same document which really speeds things up.


DropBox is a classic for file sharing, it does what it says on the tin and gets the job done.

Creative Collaboration


This is for the more creative team members out there. Mural is great for team collaboration on visual meetings. It’s great for remote sessions that require brainstorming, sticky notes and whiteboard drawing.

Team Happiness

Chimp or Champ

During this strange time that we’re all experiencing at present, it’s more important than ever to check your team are feeling ok. Chimp or Champ is a great tool that allows your team to quickly rate how they’re feeling, it’s fast and anonymous so wins all round. It has a free trial but after that, it’s a paid-for tool only.

Project Management:


Trello is our lifesaver. It’s a free project management tool that makes it extremely easy for teams to work on tasks and communicate with each other on their progress. We use it in a classic KanBan board style and it means our team are super fast.


Monday is another great tool for making sure your team have tasks that are doable, it’s also a great tool to make sure everyone has what they need on a task and keep things moving along. Monday has a free option but the premium version has some great features. We have used Monday in the past and found it great but have now jumped back to Trello.


Now we’re getting into the big boys. Asana is for those pro project managers who really need to get down to business. With Asana you’re able to create project timelines, report on progress, and connect other apps such as DropBox. Swit Swoo.


JIRA is another big boy project management tool. It’s one of the most widely used project tools in the Tech Industry. You’re able to plan sprints, create user stories, prioritise and discuss your team’s workload in full, and that’s just scratching the suffice. We tend to stick to using Trello for our day to day tasks and use Jira for any website upgrade projects.

So there you have it, we hope you enjoy remote working and make the most of your time at home.

If you have any tips for us then let us know by commenting below!


Team Nonchalant x

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This article was written by one of our creative team writers here at Nonchalant Magazine.

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