Nonchalant ~ 5 ‘Pick Your Own’ Farms Near London

5 ‘Pick Your Own’ Farms Near London

If you’re living in London, you may not have the luxury of a garden to grow fresh produce and those allotment waiting lists are loooong. There’s very little chance you can grow your own close to home, so why not visit a farm a little bit outside of London where you pick your own? Less hassle and all the reward.

juicy raspberries

Hewitts Farm


As well as the picking your own, these guys offer up a picnic area with an option to BBQ too.

Parkside Farm


Winner of Pick Your Own of The Year 2019

“Parkside Farm offers the full Pick Your Own experience, with a huge variety of crops on offer. It’s a well presented, well-maintained farm, that offers its customers an excellent day out, and in our view would be a worthy winner this year.”

Judges comments

These guys must know what they’re doing! Make sure you check out their website or drop them a message on their facebook page to keep up to date with the crops available for picking.

“Welcome to the apple and magazine party.” Ten points if you can guess where that quote comes from.

Farm Bus

Elephant and Castle

Probably the most interesting and smallest of all the farms we have chosen. The Farm Bus is a red double-decker old London bus, it is a pick-your-own farm and shop.

Offering a sustainable way to grow produce in the city. There may not be as much to offer here compared to the other farms but it is definitely worth a look and definitely worth supporting them.

Stanhill Farm


The most important (before the variety of things to pick) they have a Maize maze…. A-MAIZ-ING. (Couldn’t resist. Someone get on the phone to The Sun, we have a new writer for you)

They also have other things to pick but we felt the above was the most important. Like most of these farms, have a look at their website before you rock up and find out what they have to pick. Just in case you want to pick something, turn up and are disappointed.


Crockford Bridge Farm


These guys have a really cute little Tea Shack (next to the Ice Cream parlour, yum) which is open during summer and they have opening times for Autumn too which you can find on their website.

Like the other farms check what they offer for seasonal picking on their website or on Facebook.

Happy Picking guys

Love Nonchalant xx

If you enjoy the fruits of your labour why not try and make a cocktail or two with them?

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