Pop the kettle on, it’s coming home. 

england ladies football

Consider yourself challenged to push your ears in to the air, can you hear that roar? The lionesses are making noise and their record breaking crowds are listening to the sounds of passion & success. 

Their undefeated games in this tournament have left us (their supporters) celebrating 16 goals so far! Their hunger for a win is felt in every minute of the game. 

After the nail biting 2-1 win against Spain secured them a place in the semi final on tonight. The squad most likely need an epic amount of deep tissue massages and us, the people, to get behind them and rally loudly to cheer them on! 

Playing host to this competition has been fabulous, the diversity is gleeful. Drums beating all match, cheers bellowing around the almost full stadiums, the colours of support splashed over peoples happy faces. It’s equality, and the most wonderful thing about equality is how beautiful it is. 

For years Women’s football hasn’t had the following it deserves. The talent, skill, team work and loyalty to high performance has gone unnoticed. Yet, this team of ours proudly wear the three lions. They represent our nation, they are a generation of change, little faces proudly wanting to be them, single women wanting to date them. Their commitment is infectious and so is this year’s Euros! 

With the semi final tonight, how are you going to watch the lionesses? Pubs are showing it (but you might need to give a friendly nudge to have the commentary on. Don’t silence us Hun, we don’t like it). There is also something weirdly satisfying enjoying a pint while watching people exercise for 90 minutes. It’s watching their sweat pour over their red faces, makes one thirsty!

There are also a host of fan zones in most city’s that have hosted the games, check them out.

There is also a free event at Trafalgar Square on the day of the final where you can watch on the big screens, play games and enjoy some football related entertainment such as a screening of bend it like Beckham! (Who doesn’t love that film!). 

So, before the final whistle blows, good luck to the players and hold your heads up high. You are all doing amazing and we love being on this adventure with you. 

Wherever you are watching, enjoy!

Love Team Nonchalant

Laura Walker
Laura Walker

Laura is a London based Creative Writer for Nonchalant Magazine.

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