Nonchalant ~ Protecting Your Face For Winter

Protecting Your Face For Winter

Holy balls! Has the temperature dropped recently; we’ve gone from rocking t-shirts as outerwear to bundling up in scarves and hats in under a week. In London especially, the harsh weather has wreaked havoc on our skin, even more so if you’re a daily commuter…eau de B.O. is so last season.

So, whether you are a pore professional or night cream newbie, we have gathered the essentials to keep your face soft and moisturised this winter.

Dry skin

With dry skin, the key is adding moisture. Sadly, as we get older, the more likely you are to suffer from dry skin, as your hormones level out and stop producing excess oil.

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate Oil


Skincare to protect your face this winter

Price: £38

Application: Three or four drops morning or evening

Scent: Light citrus scent

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%

Skincare to protect your face this winter

Price: £5.90

Application: Two to three drops every morning or evening

Scent: Scentless

Oily Skin

Oily skin is a plague for most people. Unless you want to carry around a powder compact at all times, any change in weather can suddenly cause your face to go from dewy and youthful to sweaty and mirror-like. These creams will help to minimise the moisture. no matter how much it chucks it down outside.

Body Shop Seaweed Moisturiser for Oily skin

Skincare for winter face

Price: £13

Texture: Lightweight, gel-based cream

Herbalism Lush face wash

Skincare for winter face

Price: £8.50/100g
Scent: Chamomile
Application: Scrub face once or twice a day and wash off

Face masks

A face mask is a great way to pamper your skin once a week when your face has had enough and just wants to soak up all the moisture! It is recommended to use these at night time, to ensure that your skin can absorb moisture overnight.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Face Mask

Skincare for winter face

Price: £6.99
Benefits: Charcoal is the ingredient of the minute. With its deep cleansing and purifying elements, it is great for skin that battles the harsh pollution of London
Application: Apply a thin layer, let dry and wash off!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Green Tea Hydrating Face Sheet Mask

Skincare for winter face

Price: £2.99
Benefits: Sheet masks may make you look a bit bizarre but they are amazing for moisture. Normally left on for about 15 minutes, they easily peel off leaving skin silky smooth!
Application: Take out of the packet, line up with your face and take a quiet 15

Hopefully, our above suggestions give you some inspiration to protect your skin, especially as it gets colder.

Let us know if you try any and also any other skincare holy grails you swear by!

Team NL x

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