Nonchalant ~ Snug and Sustainable coats to add to your Winter Wardrobe

Snug and Sustainable coats to add to your Winter Wardrobe

Brrrrrr! With the end of summer coming to a horrifically abrupt end, we’re thinking it’s time to switch out the summer wardrobe for the Winter warmers. Last winters coat not doing it for you hun? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of our favourite snug and sustainable coats to rock this Winter… Even if you are just popping to Sainos.


Reformation coats
Image by Reformation

Reformation is all about minimising their environmental impact and implementing fair working conditions for their workers, which we love.

An excellent feature the brand has added to the site is a ‘sustainability impact’ section where you can compare the carbon dioxide, water and waste savings of all their products.

From the Reformation collection, we’ve singled out the York Coat. This stylish, slim-fit coat is sure to keep you warm during the winter months. Not to mention make you look chic AF with its slightly padded shoulders. This is only one of many incredible coats that they have on offer, so be sure to check out the complete collection.


Patagonia coats
Image by Patagonia

Patagonia is absolutely killing it when it comes to big brands doing big things for sustainable fashion. So, there was no way we could do a sustainable coats article without including one of their weatherproof Parkas!

This Arctic Willow Parka certainly ticks all the boxes: its practical, warm, ethically sourced and it looks great!

The outer coat is made of 70% recycled polyester, while the inside is insulated with 100% recycled duck down, which has been reclaimed from old/unwanted products.

We take our hats off to you Pats, absolutely smashing it.


Monki Coats
Image by Asos

Ok, so, not everything that you find at Monki is recycled, and they’re not known for being great with sustainable fashion in general. However, this particular coat is made from recycled polyester and it’s super affordable!

It can be hard to find affordable brands that are also eco-friendly, animal friendly and sustainable. So, perhaps instead you can try checking out your go-to high street brands and see if they have a sustainable collection for you to peruse. This padded jacket from Monki is the perfect example of this, and it looks great!


Arielle coats
Image by Arielle

Snug as a bug in a rug, springs to mind when coming across this dreamy Medea Coat in vegetarian shearlings from Arielle. It’s made using Responsible Wool Standards (RWS), from 100% Merino wool, which is undyed and free from chemicals.

ARIELLE really are doing great things for the planet, through sustainable textiles and materials and high manufacturing standards. What’s more, their coats are made to order. So, although you will have to wait longer before you can benefit from its cosiness, you can rest assured that no items will go to waste. Brill!

Best to avoid stepping in muddy puddles when wearing this one though chick!


Armedangels jacket
Image by Armedangels

Alright, this one doesn’t quite qualify as a coat, but, this oversized jacket is the perfect match for your Autumnal attire. And, it’s baggy enough that, when you start to feel the chill, you can apply multiple layers underneath.

German-based Armedangels, make high quality, long-lasting items which are made from eco-friendly materials. They also follow the Fair Wear Foundation Code of Conduct to ensure all workers are protected.

If you enjoyed this article and would like some tips on sustainable fashion, take a look at our article here.

Love Nonchalant xx

Elle Whaley
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