Nonchalant ~ The Best Sleep Apps 2020

The Best Sleep Apps 2020

With all this uncertainty going around right now, (we refuse to mention it) it would be understandable that you may lose a little sleep over it. How about you try one of these sleep apps to help you drift off into a restful sleep and forget all about that pesky bastard going around.

1. Calm

If you have read our other sleep-related article then you will know that we rate this app.

This guy features meditation for sleep and for general meditation, sleep music, sleep stories, with categories such as fiction, kids, nature, non-fiction, ASMR.

Some read by celebrities like Stephen Fry, Nick Offerman (You know, Ron from Parks and Rec) or Joanna Lumley, sultry sounds to help you sleep.

You can get a free version which includes some of the features but not all. We would 100 per cent recommend the paid-for version which is monthly £7.99 you can get a 7-day free trial and then pay for a yearly subscription at around 70 quid.

2. Slumber

Free but also offers a paid-for version (like most apps). The free version is quite limited it offers a limited amount of sleep meditation, dream stories, soundscapes (like the sounds of a Barbershop, essentially the noise of hair being cut), nature, sleepy Bedtime Tales. Some stories going over one episode long and making up a series.

You can set the background of the things you listen to sounds such as the ocean, rain, fire, rustling leaves etc.

Paid for, you obvs get loads more options, it will cost about £40 a year.

3. Pzizz

Choose from 3 options when you open the app, Sleep, Nap or Focus (this is on the paid-for ‘Pro’.

Probs want the sleep one for this…. You can choose between a male or female voice and how loud the music or voice is.

The free version is very limited, you can’t choose different stories like the other apps. It also doesn’t offer other features such as meditation like the others.

You could get the paid-for option which cost about £60 a year and a seven-day free trial.

4. White Noise Lite

Rated as 4.8 and with 95.8k Ratings, fair to say this is a pretty good app. If you go to download it, you may get to see this absolute gem of a review;

Wake up feelin like BEYONCE

You will literally wake up feeling like a goddess. Listen people life is crankin. Constant sleep deprivation is a way of life. I wish I’d been the guy who invented Starbucks because regardless of what anyone tells you that’s what America runs on and I’d be a millionaire. Sleep had become a distant memory in my life, like a lover from the past. THEN. WAIT FOR IT. Like a sunny day in the black of winter, this app rushed in and turned my world upside down.

If you don’t go and download immediately after this review then you clearly hate Beyonce.

This app is more about sounds than anything else. Listening to sounds such as a fan, cats purring, burning campfire, swaying boats and thunder.

It is free.

Sleep well babes. Love Nonchalant xx

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