Nonchalant ~ The Nonchalant Hotlist

The Nonchalant Hotlist

Get your retail therapy fix with the Nonchalant hotlist. Browse our selection of must-have items. From this year’s fittest trainers to the top gifts to buy your girlfriend.

Fashion & Beauty

Veja Campo Low Top Trainers

Important meeting? Commuting? Veja’s it is then. You can’t go wrong with this French footwear brand. They create trainers using sustainable materials and are transparent about the supply chain.

The North Face Hoodie
Asos Exclusive

Cosy, stylish, and an exclusive to ASOS so snap this one up fast.

Black Platform

An easy go-to for all outfits.


Health & Fitness

CBD Gummy Bears

Fruity-flavoured goodness. Experience firsthand the unique benefits of these Gummy Bears CBD edibles.

The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

THE ORIGINAL drug-free off switch for menstrual pain relief. This little gadget brings relief to period cramps in 30 seconds and has been called “life-changing” by many users.


Marine Liquid Collagen Drink

Youthful face in a drink?! Umm, yes please! Collagen is said to have many health benefits, mainly around keeping your skin looking great, and these little collagen drinks come in 3 different flavours.



Copper Coffee
Press & Scoop

This is a perfect gift for those coffee addicts (isn’t that all of us?).

Noem Bedtime
Hero Scented Candle

If you’re going to get her a candle, then get her a real candle. Neom candles smell incredible and this particular one is designed to help you relax before bed.

Premium Shaving Gift

Engraved razor – badass.

Ginger Fox Taskmaster
Board Game

What’s better than a glass of wine and board games with mates?! If you binged Taskmaster during lockdown like we have then you’ll love the board game.

nonchalant gifts
Aspinal of London
Credit Card Holder

A stylish alternative to a full-sized wallet and is great as an oyster card holder too.

The King of Soho Variorum Gin
The King of Soho Variorum Gin

This one is for the Gin lovers. You can not go wrong with this beautiful bottle design bringing the wow factor upon opening. To add, this gorgeous gin is crafted in London and has a delicious signature note of strawberry.

Hawks Cider

If you can’t have birthday drinks with your mate, then send them some. Perfect.
Plus, these ciders are great for summer.