Nonchalant ~ The Perfect Indoor Date

The Perfect Indoor Date

Boris is letting us out, places are re-opening slowly over the next few months. That doesn’t mean everyone wants to go out, as we are still in a pandemic after all… Perhaps you have exhausted all the things you can do with your partner? Well here are our perfect indoor date ideas.

Delicious Dinners (& desserts)

If you are looking to bring some fun to your yum, why not get cooking as a couple? If you have maxed out your usual cooking repertoire we suggest hitting up a Nonchalant favourite- Pizza Pilgrim’s. The popular pizza chain is now offering “Pizza in the post”. Available nation-wide, the pizza pack contains all the ingredients for two Neapolitan pizzas, ready to be assembled and cooked in a standard frying pan.

Prefer your treats sweet? Then why not go for a DIY dessert kit. Get your creative on with The Treat’s Club Donut kits. Choose from the ‘Hot Ring Donut’ or ‘Hot Donut Sundae’ kits with ingredients including; Biscoff, Oreo’s, Funfetti and Marshmallow Fluff. These kits are guaranteed to brighten up a rainy weekend and will look awesome on your couples Insta.

Home Retreat Date

Findhorn Flower Essence Mist £22.80

If your aim is to pamper your other half, why not set up a surprise home retreat? Start by dressing your living space with yoga mats, cushions and candles. Invest in an aromatherapy spray to spritz around the room, we recommend Sacred Space’s Peace & Harmony mist, then begin with some light yoga or dynamic stretching. Follow this with a spiritual podcast or guided meditation.

For something, a little extra try a live gong class. GONG London offer Zoom gong and crystal bath sessions lasting 45 minutes for as little as £8. As you both emerge refreshed from your session, round it all off with herbal tea and a protein ball (or a massage if you are feeling extra generous.)

Drinks and games

Throw Throw Burrito Card Game £24.99

A fun alternative to drinks at your local, try putting on a tasting sesh with a ready-made gin or wine tasting kit. (Blindfold optional…) If you are looking to impress, turn your kitchen into a cocktail lounge with Nonchalant’s own Cocktail recipe list. Follow it up by pushing back the furniture and getting a little physical with the game “Throw, Throw Burrito” (cute squishy burritos included.)

If you are feeling nostalgic, make a homemade game scorecard and get the classics out. Think, connect four, snakes and ladders etc. Make the evening more interesting with forfeits or a prize for the winner.

We hope you enjoy our perfect indoor date ideas! Let us know if you do any or if you have your own suggestions in the comments.

Love Team Nonchalant xx

*We have included some affiliate links within this article, however, we only endorse products we think are awesome.

Joanne Foster
Joanne Foster

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