Nonchalant ~ Top 10 Fashionable & Affordable Christmas Jumpers of 2020

Top 10 Fashionable & Affordable Christmas Jumpers of 2020

This year has certainly taught us a lot. Here at Nonchalant Magazine, we realised how important it is to have a laugh with your pals, other-halves and/or families. And, what’s more fun than dressing up like an idiot?… That’s right, nothing. With Christmas Jumper Day fast approaching (11th December – eek!), we’ve put together a list of our fave Christmas jumpers that’ll guarantee your mood is merry and your joker status is high.

We’ve also added some tasteful ones into the mix, for those of you who prefer not to attract attention.

Not On The High Street

‘Yule Got This’ Slogan Jumper

Kicking off the jumper parade is this stylish and witty jumper from Not on the High Street, which, happens to also be repping the pride flag colours. Coincidentally or not, we don’t care, we still love it. What’s more, is that by purchasing this jumper, you’ll be supporting a South London based independent clothing brand.


Hollywood Movie Jumper

And the award for most laughs at the Christmas jumpers party goes to…. this incredible Hollywood movie Christmas jumper by drinkdrawexplore on Etsy. No prizes are being given to those of you who can name all the Christmas movies featured on the jumper, but, at least you’ll have your pride. Also, this one’s another purchase that will support an independent seller.


Green Fairisle Christmas Jumper

This green jumper from Monki is just the right amount of festive for us while remaining simplistically stylish. It’s obviously a Christmas jumper, but… you could just about get away with wearing this jumper on any day of the year! We’d advise against wearing it on a warm summers evening though, that wouldn’t be much fun at all.


Tinsel Jumper

If you’re looking to remain your fabulous, fashionable self this year, then this gorgeous tinsel jumper from Allsaints is definitely the one for you. You can join in the fun and get into the Christmas spirit without spoiling your attire. However, you won’t get many laughs wearing this one.

The Spark Company

In your face Jumper

We fucking love an ugly Christmas jumper, especially when it’s bright bloody pink! If you’re looking to make a statement, quite literally, then get your hands on this ‘Sleigh the Patriarchy’ jumper from The Spark Company. Not only is this a wicked look for Christmas Jumper Day, but, it’s also helping a great cause, as every purchase helps a girl or woman in need. #GirlsSupportGirls

Sassy Spuds

Jesus doesn’t eat animals Jumper

Our animal-loving pals at Sassy Spuds are at it again with yet another wonderfully comical sweater. One of the more discreet Christmas jumpers, yet still very likely to put a smile on your face, and, the faces of those around you.


Festive Fairisle Jumper

Get all snug in this perfectly festive jumper from Superdry. We love a cropped jumper as they go perfectly with high-waisted trousers. This Fairisle knit jumper comes in both cream and black, so, if you can’t decide which to buy, why not buy both?

Not On The High Street

‘Support the Clause’ Slogan Jumper

Another bright pink number on the list, sorry, not sorry chick. You’ve gotta love this Mrs Clause girl power Christmas jumper found on Not on the High Street. Ethically made and sourced, and again supporting an independent seller. So, you can look sassy and feel sassy at the same time.

John Lewis

Dachshund Christmas Jumper

Now, just because we’re not all keen on sausages (cheeky), doesn’t mean we don’t all love a sausage dog! Especially, when wrapped in twinkle lights and wearing a Santa hat <3. Which is why we had to include this cute jumper by Joules in the mix of Christmas jumpers.


Sophisticated Stars Jumper

Another subtle yet stunning one from Allsaints, with this scattered star pattern, made from a wool alpaca blend. What’s more, is you can probably get away with wearing this one all winter round! After all, you know what they say… A jumper’s not just for Christmas ;).

So there you have it. We’d love to know what Christmas jumper you’ve decided to purchase this year. So, send us a pic of your snazzy jumpers and let us in on the secret of where you found it.

Wondering what kinds of festivities to indulge in while wearing your new Christmas Jumper? How about sinking your teeth into one of these tv shows, while drinking one of these winter cocktails.

It’s time to get into the festive spirit huns!

Love Nonchalant xx

Elle Whaley
Elle Whaley

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