Vegan & Veggie places in London

Whether you have been thinking of becoming a vegan or vegetarian and have decided to take the plunge into the unknown world of seitan (what is this, we hear you ask, don’t worry all will become clear) or you are a veteran of saving animal lives by not stuffing your face with them, we have checked out a few places (there’s actually quite a lot) for you to eat around London. If you have a sweet tooth and don’t think you could do without your dairy there’s something for you here too.

Temple of Seitan (or Hackney)

10 Morning Lane
E9 6NA

Opened in January 2017 this place is more popular than a Harry Styles concert, with people still queuing out the door to get their takeaway vegan meat. Seitan (in case you were wondering) is made of wheat protein which has a meaty texture…a little bit like chicken, weirdly enough!

As well as tasty ‘chicken’ in all types, burger, spicy burger, hot wings, fillet, wrap and even popcorn chicken, they have Mac N Cheese which is delicious and a must-try.

This place has been so popular they are opening another in Camden in 2018. It’s one of our favourites, quick, tasty and filling, use your legs and get down there.

 222 Veggie Vegan

222 North End Road
W14 9NU

This place has an extensive menu of vegan delights (we know its called Veggie Vegan but it is actually all Vegan)

At lunchtime they have an all you can eat buffet which offers a variety of tasty dishes, if you come for dinner it won’t disappoint. Some of our top picks of the dishes are a seitan stroganoff, a raclette (vegan obvs) and the Ben’s Special. But if you really want to treat those tastebuds (come on, why not? you have out them through a lot) get the vegan roast it won’t disappoint…. well, none of it will.

Café Van Gogh

88 Brixton Road

You’ll find this place 20 minutes walk from Brixton station, handily it has a chalkboard outside with a picture of some sunflowers on…wonder why?

The food here gives you that warm feeling inside, it isn’t Instagram heaven because it fills your plate messy but concentrates on the flavours and will certainly fill your stomach.

The burger is particularly good, and the homemade tomato sauce is on point.

Club Mexicana at Pamela

428 Kingsland Road
E8 4AA

Taco yourself down to this place for some delicious vegan street food. Originally a street food vendor in Camden Market and Shoreditch’s Diorama, they were so good that they opened a place where you could sit down and enjoy all the vegan Mexican food your heart could desire. It isn’t just ‘chicken’ that they serve here you can get ‘fish’ tacos too, they’re just as good as the fish provided to you by the sea, yeah, they’re that good.

They even do a brunch, what would a weekend be without one? This includes 4 courses and a drink which could be a cocktail if you choose for £30 or you could opt for a bottomless brunch. Can’t go wrong with bottomless, can you? Unless you are walking around without a bottom on your trousers, then you are going very wrong.

Had enough of all the savoury? Here’s a couple of sweet treats to get your blood glucose levels back up to high.

Cookies and Scream

Camden Cookie Bar

The Market Hall
Camden Lock Place
Famed for its cookie sandwich with ice cream but offering up other delights, this place is worth indulging for.

Ms Cupcake

408 Coldharbour Lane
One word- moist.
Of course, there are many more, so go forth and explore, find some more and wrap your taste buds around some mouth-watering vegetables. Give us some feedback whilst you’re at it.
Christine Babicz
Christine Babicz

Babs heads up Logistics and Product here at Nonchalant Magazine.