Nonchalant ~ We dare you to try this vegan meal replacement shake!

We dare you to try this vegan meal replacement shake!


Vegan meal replacement shake

With the re-opening of gyms and springtime beer garden sessions already in full swing, it’s only natural to start thinking about getting your diet back on track. Whether it’s to accompany all the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym or to make those nasty hangovers a little more manageable (if you’re like us then perhaps a little bit of both) dares vegan meal replacement shake has your diet covered.

When you’ve not got much time on your hands, finding the time and the motivation to prepare and eat healthy meals on a daily basis can be tough. This makes diet shakes like dare perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle, taking a measly 15 seconds to prepare. Can’t argue with that chick.

Why choose dare over other diet shakes?

Dare have three delicious flavours to choose from including cocoa & peanut butter, cocoa & vanilla frosting and cocoa & jaffa orange. Having tried diet shakes before, we can honestly say that dares tastes delicious! It comes with a super convenient shaker bottle which is a lot slimmer than the usual bulky shakers you get with other meal replacements. And, the bottle even has a fixed straw and spout which makes it incredibly easy to sip on the go.

This vegan meal replacement takes literally no time to prepare, just simply add water or your favourite dairy-free alternative to milk, shake, sip it chick! It also has all 26 essential vitamins and minerals as well as pre-and probiotics, all the while being entirely plant-based and bloomin’ yummy too!

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A weight loss shake that cares about the environment

More and more we’re making a conscious effort to consider where and how our food is being sourced and the impact that it has on the environment. Therefore, we thought it was important to point out everything the team at dare are doing to ensure you can sip sustainably. Dare’s packs are carefully portioned out into 2 weeks’ worth of shake (if you’re following the suggested measurements), but actually have a shelf life of 12 months. Meaning there’s literally zero chance of food waste. They use minimal and recyclable packaging and only source low carbon footprint ingredients which are Fair Trade. Oh and did we mention, they’re vegan? Incredible work guys, we take out metaphorical hats off to ya!

What goes into dare’s vegan meal replacement shake?

Basically, you know all the stuff that’s good for you? It’s in there hun. Well, not everything, but a lot! If you don’t believe us, check out these ingredients:

  • toasted pumpkin seeds
  • toasted sunflower seeds
  • flaxseeds
  • cocoa
  • gluten-free rolled oats
  • brown rice
  • roasted peanuts
  • turmeric
  • açaí berries
  • matcha & green tea
  • alfalfa, kale & spinach
  • maca root
  • Himalayan rock salt (yeah, the good stuff)

As mentioned previously, this winning combination includes all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, making it easy as pie for you to get all the nutrition that you need. You can find out more about the nutritional benefits of dares plant-based shakes on their site.

Cocoa Vanilla Frosting flavoured Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

The Results

One of the girls at Nonchalant decided to give dare diet shakes a go for 2 weeks and here’s what she thought of the product…

Day 1

From the moment I received the order confirmation email from dare, I was super excited to try the shake. Having read up a little bit about dare on their about page, I already had pretty high expectations for the shake. Being a bit of a workaholic I’ll often find myself working through lunchtime, and end up with little to no time left to prepare food. So, dare’s motivational shakes sounded perfect for me!

The product arrived quickly and in beautifully designed packaging which instantly won me over (see image below). When I opened the packet, my first thought was how delicious it smelt, but I was still dubious of how the shake was going to taste. Having tried other vegan meal replacement shakes previously, I had always been a little disappointed with the taste, so I was eager to try something new. The verdict… dare’s cocoa & vanilla frosting flavour shake tastes absolutely delicious! It’s hard to believe it’s so healthy, as it tastes like you’re drinking a dessert. Basically, you’re getting all the deliciousness without the guilt.

As an intermittent faster, I usually skip breakfast, so I opted to swap out my usual lunch for the suggested serving of the blended version of the shake: 2x scoops, milk of your choice (I chose oat milk), and a banana. I Blended this up in seconds and was able to take it out with me for a quick stroll around the local park to stretch my legs, before coming back and sitting back down at my desk.

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Day 7

A week into trying dare vegan meal replacement shake and feeling very content. Despite only having one flavour, it is easy enough to switch it up a bit by simply amending what you add to the shake eg. switching from oat to almond milk or adding a nut butter of your choice.

One of the most considerable differences I’ve noticed, is my attention span in the afternoon, after lunch. I Didn’t experience the sluggish feeling that I often get when opting for a carby lunch, which is wonderful – especially when I have a busy afternoon to be getting on with!

Having lunch around 1 pm I always find I become a little peckish around 4 pm, so rather than reaching for my usual afternoon snack, I went for a single scoop of dare with 200ml of water and shook it up in the snazzy shaker they provided and it did the trick!

Day 14

So 2 weeks later, the packet is empty, and the results are very impressive. I’m not one for weighing myself and I opted to consume dare as a vegan meal replacement shake as opposed to a weight-loss shake, so I can’t say if I’m any lighter than when I started. However, my stomach feels flatter, I’m more energized after workouts and my skin is incredible! Being in your late 20’s and still experiencing spots and breakouts is stressful. However, since switching my lunches out for dare, I’ve not had any breakouts.

If like myself, you’re thinking of using dare as a meal replacement, I would suggest getting at least two different flavours in one go so that you have a little more variety.

If you want to know more about this wicked motivational diet shake, head over to dare’s about page.

Looking for ways to shake things up a little? – Yup, we went there – check out dare’s Instagram page for some incredible, healthy dessert ideas, like this mouth-watering cocoa & peanut butter banana bread…

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Happy shaking huns,

Love Nonchalant xx

P.S. If all this talk about vegan meal replacements has made you consider going vegan altogether, you can check out our article with some handy tips on making the switch easier.

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