Nonchalant ~ Why Seville Should Be Your Choice For A Spring Break

Why Seville Should Be Your Choice For A Spring Break


We’re well into 2019 now, and after the never-ending January and far-too-fast February, we’re here to tell you that you deserve a break! And we’ve got the perfect place for you… Seville, the capital of Andalusia in the South of Spain. Judged by many to be the most beautiful city in Spain, you should check Seville out this spring because…

There is loads to do…

… whatever you’re into. History, architecture, nice walks, good food, getting a tan, having a good night out – Seville is good for it all.

A few things we’d say you definitely shouldn’t miss are:

Seville Cathedral
This is the largest cathedral in the world, with the tomb of Christopher Columbus inside! You’re best setting aside a few hours for this one.

The Orange Trees
These are pretty hard to miss to be honest, as they’re around every corner. They’re a definite Instagram winner, just don’t try any oranges off them, as they’re so bitter.

Real Alcázar
This is a palace which is still in use by the Spanish royal family. With loads of courtyards and greenery, it’s great for both a bit of history and a bit of chill time.

Plaza de España
This is probably the most impressive of all of the plazas. It’s next to a canal and it’s the biggest feature is a large, curved palace. The place to go for a real dose of culture.

Formerly known as the gypsy neighbourhood, Triana is now one of the most well-known neighbourhoods in Seville, connected to the centre of the city by the Isabel II bridge. Check out Calle Betis – restaurants, bars and clubs all along the waterfront, with amazing views of Seville.

And if you’re like to be a bit more spontaneous and just feel your way around, Seville is one of those cities where you can walk for hours with no plan without ever being bored.


It’s Authentic

What’s wonderful about the south of Spain is that it’s still very true to its roots, not quite as affected by tourism as areas like Madrid and Barcelona are (although they are still definitely very Spanish (or Catalonian!) and well worth a visit). In Seville, you’ll have easy access to the lives of locals and get the chance to use some of that GCSE Spanish that you thought you’d put to bed. If you’re particularly into culture and tradition and want to see Seville at its finest, then go during Semana Santa or Feria de Abril.

Semana Santa is the last week of lent, so mid-April. Ultimately, it’s a religious celebration of Holy Week, but don’t be fooled! It means processions, street parties and a hell of a lot of drinking as people watch their favourite religious statues get carried down the streets.

Feria de Abril runs between 4th and 11th May this year (maybe that’s more summer than spring?) Parades, bullfighting, dancing, drinking, and an amusement park. What more could you want?


It’s Cheap

We’ve done a bit of research, and return flights from the UK to Seville in the Spring season start from about £50! Not bad at all. Pair that with amazing Airbnbs at great prices – we’re talking £50 a night for a lovely city centre flat, and £60 a night for that plus a pool – and you’ve got yourself a pretty cheap break.

When you’re in Seville, we doubt you’ll be parting with much money either. The average price of a pint is 2 euros (and you’ll usually get a plate of tapas along with it), a cappuccino’s about 1 euro 30 cents, and a meal at a regular restaurant will set you back about 9 euros per person. A three day travel card, which will take you all over the city, costs 10 euros.

It’s hot, but not too hot

In spring, temperatures are about 22 degrees Celsius which can feel like 25 plus, given that you’re in a city. Sunshine usually lasts eight hours a day, with a quick rain shower to freshen things up. As long as you’re inside for the shower, we say that’s the perfect weather for a bit of everything – exploring, tanning, picnicking, going out, and whatever else you fancy.

There’s a great lesbian scene…

… and the party is pretty much 24/7. Seville is very gay-friendly in general, but Alameda de Hércules is where you should head if you’re looking for the centre of the action. It’s essentially the gay quarter, a plaza with great nightlife – tapas bars, music venues and clubs. Basically somewhere you could spend the whole day.

If you want to spend the night and have a late one, one of the best clubs there is Isbiliyya:  right colours, 80s music, Drag Queens, and a terrace where you can watch the sunset.

Enjoy your break, and if you go to Seville or anywhere else, let us know how it was!

Team NL x

Steph Fairbairn
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