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Cultured chaotic and hilarious. Shakespeare like you’ve never seen before!

full cast on stage sh!t faced shakespeare
Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® Much Ado About Nothing AB PHOTOGRAPHY

Since when did the theatre involve comedy, chaos and culture?

While the rain pours on the summer, are you looking to take a date out for some indoor, fun-filled, comedic theatre this summer? If so, look no further than the Leicester Square Theatre, as their latest run of Sh!t faced Shakespeare’s production of Much Ado About Nothing just landed in town. In summary, it is most definitely unforgettable and delightfully unpredictable. 

Sh!t faced really are a theatre company like no other, taking a classic Shakespearean script and a bunch of budding thespians. Before the show, one of the cast drinks a bucket-load of booze, throwing a curveball into the mix as they step/stumble onto stage at curtain up.

As you can imagine, the alcohol is anything but performance enhancing. The cast’s entire production is thrown into flux and chaos, with everyone working overtime to help their wasted cast member through to the interval. The delinquent actor steals, swaps and improvised scenes. These hilarious and unpredictable changes that will have you cringing and crying with laughter. The result, it is still Shakespearean theatre, but as you’ve never experienced it before.

actors on stage looked shocked.
Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® Much Ado About Nothing AB PHOTOGRAPHY

But wait, are they butchering my beloved Shakespeare?

I know what you’re thinking, how do the actors even attempt a full Shakespeare play having downed a pint of wine? But don’t worry, this is still very much a professional performance – this merry band of drunkards have travelled the globe, spilling pints and slurring soliloquies! Of course, the drunken cast member and character is rotated nightly, for obvious safety reasons, making each performance uniquely bonkers. 

In summary, the whole performance is kept just on the precipice of disaster by a nimble compere who is tasked with coaxing or even physically wrangling the drunken performer on, off and around the stage. Further, the host breaks the fourth wall to encourage willing audience volunteers to provide well timed drink top ups. We had a cymbal, gong and cowbell. Madness!

actors on stage the look of love
Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® Much Ado About Nothing AB PHOTOGRAPHY

Much Ado about what now?

This is Much Ado About Nothing, one of Shakespeare most-loved comedies. It is comprised of a series mistaken identities, from a pantomime villain, to lovers left jilted at the altar and a renegade sword fighting, swashbuckling mum who is poised to save the day.  That is, so long as the genuinely drunken actor and their creative amendments can make it that far.  The only thing that we assure you is that the course of love will not run smooth. 

Overall, a total whirlwind of a night out that will leave you chuckling on the tube home. In what is definitely to the funniest and most un-Shakespearian, dose of Shakespeare you will ever see.

Where is it on?

This glorious show runs until the 9th of September at the Leicester Square theatre, one of London’s comedy institutions. It is a cosy and intimate venue, with the stage flanked by a full stocked bar either side. Serving (no pun intended) as a perfect compliment to the fun and chaos of the show. Book your tickets here

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Happy viewing,

Team Nonchalant x x

Nat Cameron
Nat Cameron

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