About Nonchalant Magazine

Nonchalant Magazine is a lifestyle website based in London that is written by and for lesbians, queer & bi-sexual women plus advocates. Established in July 2016, Nonchalant Magazine originally started as a blog called Nonchalant London. The blog focused on providing reviews on restaurants, music, events across London, and new products (from fashion through to wine), all written from a lesbian’s point of view. Not solely focusing on the lesbian community but providing a mix, because a) just because you’re a lesbian doesn’t mean you only go to Gay bars right?! And b) we have an extremely eclectic mix of readers (which we welcome and love).

We created the website as we felt there wasn’t a stylish website out there that you could find tips on fashion trends but also know what’s going on on the lesbian scene, and that’s exactly what Nonchalant Magazine aims to do; keep you up to date with the latest trainers, makeup, nice restaurants, stylish home-decor crazes, and the best lesbian-focused event nights so you know where to meet other women…all in one place.

Since launching, the magazine has become popular outside of London and we’re very excited to announce that in 2019 we’ll be launching Nonchalant Brighton and Nonchalant Manchester also, watch this space!

Due to our broad article topics, our readers are a mix of genders and sexualities and we welcome all walks of life to be a ‘Nonchalanter’.

Who writes for Nonchalant Magazine?

We now have an incredible team of writers covering all sorts of topics. Our writers are all lesbian, queer, gay or bi-sexual women living, working, and dating in and out of London. The team are a mixture of ages and professions and would describe themselves as far from the stereotypical view of a “lesbian” – there is no such thing and we’re keen to educate people on that.

The team is made up of illustrators, marketers, tattoo enthusiast, editors, web developers, and coffee addicts and they love to research things so you don’t have to.

But who are Team Nonchalant really though?

We also have many guest writers who are a mixture of genders and sexualities and we like to call them ‘the advocates’. If you’d like to feature a guest article, drop us an email: info@nonchalantmagazine.com.

Can I write for Nonchalant Magazine?

Absolutely. We love a new member of the wolf pack. Head to our Write for Nonchalant Magazine page for all the deets.

Can I advertise on Nonchalant Magazine?


We have a wide range of options and love to collaborate with incredible brands that have the same values as us. Head over to our Work with Nonchalant Magazine page for more information or drop us an email: info@nonchalantmagazine.com

Are you feminists?

If you define feminism as all humans should be equal, then yes, we absolutely are all for that. Do we aim to empower women? 100%.

It’s clear that from the beginning we realised that as women in this industry we need to support and empower each other.

Tell us what you think:

We want to give you exactly what you want – so please fill out our questionnaire here > and tell us what you need (we know, such good gf material).

Lastly, thanks very much for being a part of our journey! We hope you enjoy the magazine and don’t forget to sign up for our emails.

Best wishes,

The Nonchalant Magazine Team