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Finger Tattoos for Women. Designs and Ideas

Whilst super popular, they are a bit of a commitment. No no, we’re not talking about girlfriends (for once), we’re talking about finger tattoos, and specifically finger tattoo designs for women.

SPOILER: the tattoos below are of course not just for women, they are for everyone (obviously) – but we wanted you to find this article, so please forgive us.

Perhaps you’ve been considering a finger tattoo for a while, and you’ve started to save a couple of Instagram posts of designs you like. But you’re not 100% sure what style or artist you want to go for. Or maybe you haven’t decided on the exact position of your new finger tattoo yet. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have a lot of great advice for you and some amazing tattoo artists across the globe to check out too. But don’t fret, most of them travel and take bookings all over, so be sure to hit them up.

woman wearing black tank top making post with a finger tatoo

Some tips on finger tattoo designs

We want to start off by saying, that a finger tattoo is definitely not your entry into the tattoo world. Although they can be small, they are on your hands and therefore visible for all to see. And as they are quite hard to cover up a lot of tattoo artists won’t even give you a finger tattoo until they know that you have had other tattoos in the past. This is quite common for trained and respected tattoo artists – they won’t just tattoo anyone ya know. So if you’re looking to walk down the Brighton Lanes looking for a finger tattoo then expect to be heavily questioned first. Perhaps your first entry could be a fine-line one, here are some fine-line tattoo ideas.

Something we also want you to know before you commit to a finger tattoo is that they do need regular touch-ups. This is because the skin on our hands is exposed and our everyday action makes the tattoo fade quicker than on other parts of the body.

We shall now stop with all the boring “Have you thought about this” comments now and get on to the part we’re all here for. Check out our list of the best Finger Tattoo designs for women below.


First up we have a classic – The Mandala. Here are some lovely small finger tattoos for women in the format of a mandala.



Icons are definitely a cool option for finger tattoos for women, especially because you can select the icon to mean different things, which is a nice touch to your design. Another great thing about icons for finger tattoos is the size works well on the hands.



Very femme, very cute – the floral is super popular in the world of finger tattoos for women at the moment. Something you can think about is selecting flowers that have specific meanings to add that special story to your design.


Fine Lines

Super popular, but make sure you get the right artist for your finger tattoo as fine lines need someone who is really experienced with the gun.



Trad is seemingly less popular at the moment, and perhaps that’s why you should go for it as it’s super unique and you won’t have the same finger tattoo as others.


Witch Craft

Ok so this is such a unique category but we’re seeing it more and more lately, witchcraft finger tattoos for women are super edgy. Something to consider as we head into October.


Symbols & Arrows

Another classic, symbols and arrows can make for the perfect finger tattoo as they go very well with the shape of your hands and fingers. Arrows also have very specific meanings and can make for an important part of your story.


Lettering is a nice touch to have on the fingers, and of course, yours will have a special meaning or perhaps represent someone special. A great choice.



Dot tattoos are often minimalist and simple in design, which can appeal to people who appreciate these qualities. In some cultures, three dots can have a spiritual meaning, such as representing the Holy Trinity in Christianity or the three stages of life: birth, life, and death.


So there you have it. Our list to get you all inspired about finger tattoos. If you’re London-based like us you’re in search of a specific tattoo artist, and you love hanging out with the ladies then be sure to check out our top female tattoo artists in London. Plus, if you’re after rings to add to your now-tattooed hand, check out NYXA.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re a tattoo artist and design finger tattoos, give us a shout and if we like your work we’ll add you to the list.


Team Nonchalant x

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