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Fitness for queer women? KT Coaching is here

Have you ever felt out of place whilst working out? Does thinking about where to start with fitness kind of give you the ick? KT Coaching understands this and is doing absolutely epic things to make sure LGBTQ+ people feel welcome in fitness spaces.

Run by a queer woman, KT Quinn created the Break to Build Programme to focus on making you the best version of yourself that you want to be- whether that’s getting better at cooking, working out, or simply being kinder to yourself.

Fitness, wellbeing, and personal training focused on queer women? We can definitely get on board with that.

Just a heads up. Some of the links and products featured in this article are sponsored or affiliate links. Which means we might be paid for featuring them. This is how we keep the magic alive baby, but we only work with great brands so sip your flat white and read on hunz.

‘Helping you become strong AF in both mind and body’

KT Coaching

But what makes this programme stand out isn’t necessarily the focus on fitness but the focus on the individual. Break to Build helps clients to spot their self sabotaging behaviours so that they have the energy and power to make those crucial changes to their life. KT clearly explains how she wants her clients to make ‘long lasting changes’ by encompassing things that are often ignored in the fitness world such as ‘lifestyle, nutrition, training and mindset factors to ensure the absolute best chance of success’.

‘So you can build a life you love’

On top of that, clients have explained how this helped them shape their mindset to a more positive one long term and gain more flexible cooking habits. Listen, her website even says ‘not rabbit food’ and ‘includes a social life’ so we’re most definitely listening!

We know that sometimes going to the gym alone or motivating yourself is toughhhhh, and KT Coaching knows this too. Although an online coach, KT wants to create a powerful community so they often meet up with clients in groups for activities we definitely want to join in on- ninja warrior, axe throwing, and ‘fakeaway’ nights! It’s safe to say we’re obsessed.

Social media can so frequently be saturated with negative messages about people’s bodies and diet culture but the KT Coaching’s Instagram page is a hub of positivity and realistic goals. She shares mental health tips, easy to follow tutorials, and guides aimed specifically towards women. Want to crack your first pull up? Check out her Instagram for everything you need to know (we’ve been watching her lifting tutorials on repeat!)

‘I don’t want you to feel like you’re weak, I want you to feel strong’

Being a queer woman can sometimes make fitness spaces unwelcoming and health tips aren’t always aimed at us, so this online coaching can help anyone feeling that way to work on getting out of their comfort zone and make changes they want to see in their life. To get more information about the Break to Build Programme or KT Coaching in general, head to her website for everything you need to know!

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