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Interview with DJ Boogshe

We catch up with DJ Boogshe. After we saw DJ Boogshe’s epic set back in 2023 at Velvet Ibiza we felt the need to chat to her about her music career. Read all about her career to date, where you can see her next, and of course, her coming out story – can’t forget that.

DJ Boogshe

So, tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get into DJing?

Hey, I’m Boogshe! I started my music journey in 2006 as a singer and MC. I sang in a popular club song called “SLUT” by Dennis Christopher & Tony Cha Cha. I got to work with famous artists like Laidback Luke, Swanky Tunes, Felguk, Coone, Bassjackers, Ralvero, Showtek, and more. I performed at big music festivals like Tomorrowland, World Club Dome, Mysteryland, and others.

Since 2017, I’ve been focusing more on the Hard Dance Scene as the resident MC of Paul Elstak and with my DJ act called GLDY LX. But my love for music has always been strong. It’s like a language that speaks to my heart. Even though I’m into harder music now, I still really like house music. In 2018, I got the chance to play a special house DJ set at Velvet Ibiza, and that’s when Boogshe the DJ was born.

Besides DJing, I’ve also had the special role of being the MC for Velvet Ibiza and Velvet Sixty-nine for quite a few years now. I think I started in 2014 with Carine, and it’s been an amazing journey ever since.

Have you DJ’d at Velvet Ibiza before and will you be back next year?

As I mentioned, I’ve been with Velvet Ibiza for quite a few years now, and indeed, I’ll be back next year. Additionally, I’m excited to share that next year, I’ll be doing an exclusive 00’s-90s DJ set.

DJ Boogshe at Velvet Ibiza

What does it take to be a DJ? What’s your style?

Being a DJ is a blend of passion, skill, and creativity, along with the ability to connect with the audience. My style revolves around vocal house, and I enjoy blending classic tracks with modern ones.

What’s your favourite event you’ve DJ’d at and why?

Explaining this can be a bit tricky because I cover various genres and roles as both a DJ and an MC. When it comes to GLDY LX, I’d have to pick Defqon, as it holds a special place in the hardstyle scene. As for DJing under the name Boogshe, I’d have to highlight Velvet Ibiza and gay pride in Brussels. The atmosphere and the energy from the crowd are absolutely electric.

Who are your role models and why?

In terms of my career, I must mention the Nervo twins. Not only are they two incredible individuals, but they excel as both exceptional songwriters and DJs. Beyond their contributions to the music industry, they actively support their community by serving as ambassadors for the fight against child trafficking. Their multi-faceted impact is truly inspiring.

What do you think of the queer scene where you live? Where do you recommend our readers check out?

I’ve noticed the queer scene here has grown significantly compared to 15 years ago. There are some fantastic events and venues to explore. I’d highly recommend checking out Milkshake Festival, Superflirt, and of course, don’t miss Velvet Ibiza. Additionally, events like Janey, Flirtation, and Sidechick offer unique experiences worth checking out.

What’s next for you and where can people see you play?

My schedule is packed, so it’s best to stay updated on my socials @boogshe!

What’s your coming out story, sorry but everyone loves a coming out story 😀 

My coming out story. Just like many others, everyone knew except for me. Hahaha. I was rather late to the game; I had my first boyfriend at 18. Coming from a smaller town, having a boyfriend at that age seemed quite normal. However, during that relationship, I didn’t really feel a strong sexual attraction… wonder why? :D. Eventually, that relationship ended after three years, so I held on for quite a while.

I travelled to America with a classmate. She had arranged to meet a friend she had connected with on Myspace, and I joined to engage in a writing session and record vocals. Eventually, we decided to attend a party together. The famous Tree House Party – locating the right house in LA turned out to be quite a challenge. It’s amusing when I reflect on it now. We accidentally entered the wrong house, nearly stumbling upon a swingers party. However, after a few hours, we finally found the correct party.

Once there, I saw my first Girlfriend, and it was magical. We flirted, one thing led to another, and I experienced my first kiss with a woman. That feeling was so right, something entirely new to me. My classmate had long known that I was lesbian, and she said, “Finally!” And the rest is history.

Check out where you can follow Boogshe below.

Facebook, TikTok, Soundcloud, YouTube.
Spotify:             @boogshe / @gldylx

Thanks for chatting to us Boogshe.

Team Nonchalant x

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