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Interview with Rachel Shelley, AKA the infamous Helena Peabody

We had the absolute pleasure in catching up with the infamous Helena Peabody, *cough* we mean the gorgeous Rachel Shelley. Watch our interview where we hear all about Rachel’s time on the set of The L Word, how she got into character (including the lesbian sex scenes), and her new film Blank. Oh, and of course, we asked the question we ALL want to know the answer to…is Helena Peabody making a comeback in the rumoured new show The L Word: New York?! Find all about it in our interview below.

Interview with Rachel Shelley

Blank is now available to rent/buy on iTunes and Google Play.

Thanks for chatting to our team Rachel, we had a great time.

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Video & Editing: Felicity West
Interviewer: Zoie O’Brien
Production: Abi Martin-Hill

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