Killin’ It on Insta: Soph & Sophie

For our next instalment of ‘Killin’ It on Insta’ we catch up with couple Soph and Sophie from Bournemouth. Check them out at @soph.and.sophie.

Currently, they have 1,132 followers.

Lesbians Killin it on Instagram: Nonchalant

Their Story:

Our names are Soph (straight hair) and Sophie (curly hair) what are the chances! We are 22 and 23 years old from Surrey. Having the same name is always a crowd-pleaser, the reaction is usually ‘wow that’s easy to remember’ but to make it less confusing everyone calls Sophie by her surname.

Whilst we both grew up in Surrey, we have both been to different Universities, Soph went to the University of Brighton, whilst Sophie went to Bournemouth University. We are now both back in Surrey to pursue careers in our chosen field whilst building a life together.

When, where and how did you meet each other?

As we mentioned we both grew up in Surrey, in fact, there were a few things that have connected us through our lives, we both used to get the train from the same station to college and we both went on holiday to the same part of Spain! We always say that it was meant to be that we would eventually meet (Or it could be that we live in quite a small area haha!) We both eventually met at our first jobs when we were 17 Soph was Sophie’s team leader! We really hit it off and became best friends throughout our time at work. A few years later we got together for the first time in Brighton when Sophie came to visit Soph at university and haven’t looked back since.

Now we have been together for almost 3 years.

How long have you featured on Instagram and why?

We started our Instagram just over a year ago in August 2018 for two reasons. We firstly wanted a place to share our lives and pictures in a place where people are more accepting and understood us as a couple, Surrey is an amazing place to live but the LGBT community is still quite small and we wanted a platform where we could meet and communicate with people who understood our love more. This is definitely one of the benefits of posting on Instagram, it has a community feel to it, everyone’s so lovely and supportive, we have chatted with so many people!  

Secondly, it’s nice to have a place to document all the things we do together to look back on in the future, it is so easy in this day and age to take 1 million pictures of things you do together and leave them on your phone to forget about. We have been lucky enough to be working part-time whilst at university, a bit of extra money and lots of time off means we have been to many places including Paris, Edinburgh, Krakow, Barcelona and Croatia so we like to keep the pictures of the two of us to remember all these fab times.

We can see you like to travel a lot, where are you off to next?

We absolutely love travelling to new places and going on adventures! Whenever possible we are going to new places and document it on our Instagram.

Our aim next year is to explore more of the UK whilst working, there are so many cool places, even in London, that we haven’t experienced yet so we want to do that and definitely get our Instagram community involved in all the fun. At the moment, our favourite date night activity is playing mini-golf and going for dinner! Soph is way better at golf than Sophie so Sophie is looking to sharpen those skills on our date nights this year!

Thanks Girls! Don’t forget to check Soph & Sophie out at @soph.and.sophie!

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