Meet the Three New Girls to Enter the Masseria on I Kissed a Girl

Just when we thought we had our favourite contestant figured out among all the “I Kissed a Girl” beauties, they surprise us with three more girls! Not only are we treated to three new hotties, but also, relationships will be put to the test as the new girls enter the scene at the end of Episode Three, airing this Sunday, May 12th. We’re counting down the days!

In the meantime, we have all the deets on these three new ladies below.

Three new girls in the Masseria - I Kissed a Girl

Meet the Three New Girls on I Kissed a Girl Episode Three


AGE: 25 | FROM: Bath | OCCUPATION: Paralegal | PRONOUNS: She/Her

Beth - contestant from I Kissed a Girl

We are just an ordinary group of twenty-somethings trying to find love in the world. This show plays a huge part in normalising queerness – we are just like everyone else!”

Known for her infectious laugh, Beth’s presence is often announced before she even enters the room. As a Paralegal based in London, Beth proudly identifies as a staunch lefty, a vegetarian, and a horror film enthusiast. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering, filling her life with purpose beyond her work.

Originally from Bath, Beth came out at the age of 14. Since moving to London, she feels like her life has blossomed, saying her ‘inner gay is jumping out’ in the vibrant city.

Proudly embracing her lesbian identity, Beth is particularly drawn to women with a more masculine energy. She humorously admits that butch women are her weakness, appreciating their defiance of gender norms and the commanding presence they exude when they walk into a room. For Beth, sexual chemistry is paramount in a relationship, especially in queer relationships, as it distinguishes a romantic partnership from a mere friendship.

Excited about the prospect of meeting her perfect masc girl, Beth is ready to join the party at the Masseria.


AGE: 25 | FROM: Surrey | OCCUPATION: Cancer Research Scientist | PRONOUNS: She/Her

I hope I’ve shown that staying true to yourself is always the best way to be, whether that is making tough decisions about your sexuality and relationships or being honest about who you actually fancy. Honesty is always the best policy!

Em is a true adventure-seeker with big dreams of exploring Europe and embracing life on the road. She has transformed a van into her mobile home and mapped out a route through Europe, eager to ski and surf along the way. But before hitting the road, she’s off to Italy in search of the perfect companion for her journey…

A lot has changed for Em in the past few years. Previously in a five-year relationship with a man she thought she would marry, she eventually had a conversation with her partner about her sexuality. They decided to part ways amicably and remain good friends to this day. Em also made some personal changes – she cut her hair short and started to embrace a more masculine style of clothing. For her, seeing her true self reflected in the mirror was an incredibly cathartic experience.

Em is particularly drawn to femme girls and is excited about the prospect of finding her next big adventure at the Masseria.


AGE: 25 | FROM: Cardiff | OCCUPATION: Student / Footballer | PRONOUNS: She/Her

Leilah - I Kissed a Girl

“It was amazing being in a fully queer environment! Growing up feeling like a minority, for me it was a nice change to know we were all girls that liked girls

Lailah resides in Cardiff with her family and their three beloved dogs. She came out to her mum at the age of 20, receiving wholehearted support.

In 2021, Lailah signed a professional football contract with Lugano FC Women in Switzerland, where she played for a year. Upon returning to Cardiff, she took a season off before joining Swansea Women AFC. Her football career has taken her across the globe, including earning a scholarship to study in Michigan and Georgia in the United States. Currently, Lailah is pursuing a degree in Forensic Psychology.

As the only person of colour in her friendship circle, Lailah often felt a bit different, a feeling that intensified when she realised she was attracted to both girls and boys. Looking back, she remembers trying to blend in during her younger years, fearing to stand out. Now in her mid-twenties, she takes pride in her identity as a bisexual woman of colour.

Lailah doesn’t have a specific type, but she values a partner who matches her laid-back energy and shares her love for adventure. She finds the fast pace of the lesbian dating scene overwhelming and is seeking a serious relationship.

Phew… there you have it, three new girls. We can’t wait for episode three this Sunday.

Team Nonchalant x

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