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Why ‘Passion Fruut’ Dating App Has Got our Attention

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The new dating app for queer wxmen.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Passion Fruut, a new free dating app for queer wxmen. Passion Fruut was created by women who were frustrated with the lack of good apps specifically for the queer female community. Their response was to create one and Passion Fruut was born. The app is designed to allow for a variety of female connections, whether it be companionship, love or a quick fling.

After downloading Passion Fruut ourselves and having a go, we have to say it’s pretty damn good. Before you sign up you need to confirm you identify as someone from the LGBTQ+ community, which we like. It’s totally free and you aren’t forced to upload multiple photos. It’s easy to use, we love the sexuality search and it’s refreshing not having to swipe for days. ..

Following our extensive research, we’ve highlighted the ten top reasons we think all women with a hint of gay should download the Passion Fruut app.

1. Search Function

Gone are the days of mindless swiping and accidental matching. Passion Fruut allows you to search for someone you are more likely to have a connection with. Users can search for specific personality traits, physical preferences such as height or eye colour, but most excitingly, you can use this to select the sexuality of your preferred partner.

2. Connect

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there in other apps; lured into a false sense of security and WHAM, you’re offered a threesome or offered money for sex. Not with Passion Fruut. If you’re into threesomes and dick pics, that’s cool, but if you’re not, you can use the app to carefully select those who are looking for a general female connection. Or just use it to find likeminded skoliosexual or polyamorous partners. The app gives you the freedom to do so.

3. Results Page

After you’ve entered your criteria, you are given a whole list of people who meet your search. You can then browse at your leisure, read different profiles and consider carefully who you’d like to match, before making contact. With Passion Fruut you aren’t forced into making a snap decision on one person before you can see the next. Passion Fruut gives you time and options, which is great.

4. Request to Match

Passion Fruut allows users to request to match with others. If you come across someone who looks like your kinda chick, you don’t need to say ‘yes’ and then sit tight waiting to see if you’ve matched. You can simply request to match them, they then have a look at your profile and if they like you, or think there may be something worth exploring they can connect and you can then communicate.

5. Speed Dating

Passion Fruut has a really cool feature, the speed date feature. This allows you to go live and have a few virtual speed dates with other ‘fruuties’ at random. This is pretty cool as it allows you to connect instantly and safely, without sharing your number or location to other users.

6. Speed Messaging

Like speed dating, but with messages. The app allows you to have a mini speed messaging date with a user, you may discover connections with someone who you may not necessarily have chosen to match with at first. You can also check they’re spelling and grammar if you’re that kind of person.

7. Set Up at Ease

The app itself is super easy to use and set up. If you’re shy at first, you don’t have to complete any initial awkward questions or include a set number of photos. You can always have a browse and add photos and info at a later date.

8. App Layout

The app is easy to navigate, with access to your own profile top left, top right is the search functionality and the bottom options consist of the home button, the ‘speedy dating (video or message)’ option and ‘cherry-picks’, where all the faves are. The search allows for an instant or advanced search, depending on what you’re looking for.

9. Your Own Profile

Your own profile section allows you to see how other users view your profile. So you can pick out what looks good and what does not… You can also see how many views you’ve had and how many have been within the last 24 hours. At the bottom, you can see how many matches you have. All in one nice snug place.

10. Passion Fruut Founders

The founders of Passion Fruut are down to earth, fun-loving and pretty cool individuals themselves, which is what we feel reflected in the app. They’ve chosen awesome colours and the app itself is pleasing to the eye. If you get stuck at all whilst using it, they’ve included their contact deets on your profile page to provide any assistance, which saves you searching for ages wasting valuable connection time (

So there we have it, ten solid reasons to download Passion Fruut. Tell us about your fruity experiences by commenting below, we would love to hear.

Ready for fall in love? Blowing kiss emoji. Download now.

Happy Fruuting.

Love Team Nonchalant

Jem Thomas
Jem Thomas

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Passion Fruut is our Lead Sponsor and this article is included in that sponsorship. Therefore this post is commissioned.

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