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The Best Lesbian Podcasts

Not to be dramatic, but finding a good podcast episode can make or break your day. 

Whether you’re doing deadlifts in the gym, going on a road trip or trying to drown out the sound of Sharon chomping her Pret sandwich at the next desk, a perfectly chosen episode can take you from fed-up to hyped-up in minutes.

For lesbians and other queer folk, the best podcasts provide a sense of community and like-mindedness that is often missing from our everyday lives.

So if you’re keen for a sapphic podcast to cheer you up, teach you something or just make you feel less alone, check out our list of recommendations.

1. Queery with Cameron Esposito

What can you expect from Queery with Cameron Esposito? A 45-mins of in-depth chats between standup comic, Cameron Esposito, and a range of celebrity guests. Each episode explores stories which often feature identity, gender, and sexuality. A show about individual experience and the complex nuances of what it means to be queer, whose recent guests include musician G-Flip, comedian Sabrina Wu, and chef Kristen Kish.

2. We’re Having Gay Sex

Comedian Ashley Gavin talks about her queer experience after a lifetime of serial monogamy in We’re Having Gay Sex. Together with co-hosts, she interviews guests from all over the sexuality spectrum from straight to gay and cis to trans about the sex they had that week. 

3. Queer Collective

Queer Collective is a weekly show is co-hosted by couple Karbon & Emily who cover a range of topics that we’ve found interesting and entertaining. From the history of lesbians to current political news, there’s a good mix of education, humour and storytelling. 

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4. Twos Two

Best friends Nana and Rose are two black lesbians living in London speaking their unapologetic truth in Twos Two. They aim to create a safe space for people like themselves and bridge the gap between the gays and the straights, covering topics such as polyamory, dating overseas and sex toys.

5. The Lesbian Romantic

In contrast to the tried-and-tested interview podcast format, The Lesbian Romantic is a collection of fictional lesbian love stories. Each episode features well-crafted narratives that take place in varying genres, from science fiction to dystopian and are served in bite-size morsels to keep you coming back for more.

6. We Can Do Hard Things

In We Can do Hard Things, author Glennon Doyle and her retired soccer player wide, Abby Wombach, talk about the hard parts of life such as sex, gender, parenting, blended families, bodies, anxiety, addiction and justice. Although this isn’t explicitly talking about queerness in every episode, they offer a lesbian perspective that other self-help podcasts don’t. Notable guests include Brandi Carlile, Roxanne Gay and Dolly Parton.

7. Staying Up with Cammie and Taryn

This lesbian couple have a sleepover every night, and every week, you’re invited to join in Staying Up with Cammie and Taryn. From deep talks to hot gossip, Taryn and Cammie are awake and ready to explore topics such as staying friends with your ex, married life, choosing a sperm donor and so much more. 

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8. Handsome

Comedians Tig Notaro, Mae Martin and Fortune Feimster are a force to be reckoned with as they (in their own words) “have some laughs, drink some whiskey, tell some stories, and even divulge some never-before-told secrets”. With questions posed by a host of celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Elliot Page and Jameela Jamil, the conversation flows easily with a tonne of belly laughs for good measure in Handsome.

9. The Lesbian Chronicles

The Lesbian Chronicles hosted by couple Melissa and Alli, the show shares real-life stories, advice, and insights from people who found their sexual identity later in life. The hosts share their own experiences of leaving their heterosexual marriages to be their true selves, so this is definitely a must-listen for late-blooming divorced folks.

10. Lez Geek Out!

Lez Geek Out! Is a geek culture podcast that puts popular culture under the microscope with the woman-loving-woman audience in mind. You’ll find chats about the work of lesbian/bi/women-loving-women themes/characters found in books, films, TV shows, graphic novels and anything else that fits the bill. The hosts are both writers, so this is perfect for creative types. 

If you are interested in writing, join our legend team of writers at Nonchalant.

11. Two Dykes and a Mic

Listening to these two lesbian comedians in Two Dykes and a Mic, discuss sex, dating, identity and pop culture will add a dose of queer joy to your week. Rachel and McKenzie are best friends who thrive in the format which involves guests, relationship advice and dating app horror stories.

12. PANTS with Kate and Leisha

They first hit our screens as Shane and Alice in the L-Word almost twenty years ago, but now they’re hosting a podcast about their lives outside the show. They talk about their friendship, the evolution of the show as well as what they’re doing now, through a very low-key, unstructured format that feels like listening in on two pals having a catch-up over coffee.

13. Lesbian Supper Club

Join Scarlett & Freya, two lesbians with an over-sharing issue (umm, their words not ours, promise) to discuss queer culture, sex, feminism and sometimes the deep things. You can also rely on there being frequent lesbian dating horror stories, interviews with some very interesting people and a lot of laughs.

Got a podcast to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!


Team Nonchalant x

Fiona Fletcher Reid
Fiona Fletcher Reid

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