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Adventures In ADHD Dating: A Humourous Guide

Dating someone with ADHD is like being in a romantic comedy where the script gets rewritten every day. Ready for some plot twists?

Becoming a Walking ADHD Encyclopedia (But in a Fun Way)

Learn about ADHD like you’re binge-watching a quirky docuseries. Spoiler alert: expect plot twists and lots of ‘aha!’ moments.

The ADHD Communication Tango

It’s a dance of words, sometimes fast-paced, sometimes in circles. Think of it as learning a new dance where the steps keep changing.

Patience, the Unsung Hero

Your partner might forget dates, but remember, it’s the ADHD, not a lack of caring. Think of it as your chance to celebrate your half-anniversary… or your one-third-anniversary!

Creative Sparks Everywhere

Their creativity isn’t just out-of-the-box; it’s out-of-this-world. You’re not just dating – you’re in a brainstorming session for life’s next big adventure.

Organising: The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Helping with organisation can feel like playing detective. Who knew finding keys could be an epic quest?

Misunderstandings: The Sitcom Episodes

Sometimes, you might feel like you’re in a sitcom where the characters misinterpret everything. Queue the laugh track!

Cape or No Cape? Sidekick Adventures

Your partnership is like a superhero duo. Whether it’s tackling a grocery list or conquering a laundry mountain, every day is a new mission.

Social Skills: Improv Night Every Night

Navigating social situations with your partner is like an improv comedy show where you’re both the stars. Cue the applause!

Support Group: Your Comedy Club

Finding a support group is like joining a club where everyone gets your inside jokes and speaks your language.

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Therapy Sessions: Auditions for a Comedy Special

Your therapy sessions? Think of them as rehearsals for a hit comedy show about relationships.

Regular Check-ins: Casual Coffee Meets Scripted Drama

These check-ins are your time to touch base, like a weekly sitcom catch-up. Mix in a bit of drama with a lot of love.

ADHD Superpowers

Your partner’s ADHD traits are their superpowers. Spontaneity? That’s their super-speed. Creativity? Their shape-shifting ability.

Navigating the Chaos with Grace (and Giggles)

Remember, the chaos is part of the charm. Navigate it with grace, a sense of humor, and maybe a GPS for when you both get lost in conversations.

In the grand rom-com of life, dating someone with ADHD adds color, laughter, and some unexpected plot turns. Enjoy the journey, keep laughing, and treasure every quirky moment. Remember, in the world of ADHD dating, you’re not just a couple; you’re a comedy duo!

If you are in a relationship and one of you has ADHD we would love to hear all about how you navigate your relationship. Drop us an email.

Love Team Nonchalant xx

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