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Drama-free lesbian relationship advice

We are officially canceling dramatic relationships. The last thing a relationship should be is exhausting, and if there is too much drama happening behind the scenes, that’s what it’ll become. No relationship is ever perfect, but there are some simple things you can try which will help you on your way to partner nirvana.


The most obvious tip here is to communicate with each other. How many arguments and disagreements are caused by a misunderstanding? It’s really important to put aside time specifically to just talk; no phones, no Netflix, no distractions. It doesn’t have to be a serious conversation – it can literally be a casual chat. Putting aside that time means that there is always space for more serious conversations as and when they need to happen. You can do this at home or even somewhere public (but still quiet) if you need some neutral territory. Setting this up early as a regular fixture of the relationship is a lifesaver.

Be adventurous

Keep things exciting and try new things together. No matter your budget, time, or preferences, there are always new activities you can try with your partner to keep things fresh. Find a new restaurant and try some different food. Go kayaking or wild swimming. Book a holiday to somewhere you never would have thought to go. When you do these activities together, you will feel closer than ever. Drama can really start to set in when things get stagnant, so taking yourself out of your comfort zone with your partner is the perfect way to keep the relationship fresh and the vibes positive.

Appreciate each other

A fast way to relationship drama is feeling under-appreciated. When we become comfortable with a partner, it is easy to stop expressing appreciation as openly as you did early on. Nice comments that were made at the start of the relationship feel like they now go without saying. But if your partner made the bed, cleaned the dishes or fed the cat, let them know how much you appreciate their input. It’s easy to overlook the little behaviours that are expected of each other, but there is no harm in outwardly expressing your gratitude more often.

Trust your partner

Don’t trust your partner? That’s a red flag. If you don’t trust your partner to follow through on their promises, do what they said, or be faithful to you, that is only going to cause strain. It’s important to work out where that lack of trust is coming from and figure out together how to fix it. Try to talk to each other before it becomes a big problem and don’t let trust issues get out of hand. There is a good chance that trust can be restored if you just find time to talk.


Taking care of yourself is vital in a healthy relationship. Give yourself alone time. Work on your own insecurities. Keep up with your other friends. Drama in the relationship is every partner’s responsibility to deal with, both as a unit and as individuals. There are so many things you can do to better yourself which will have a healthy impact on the relationship as well. Take a look at our self-love tips for more ideas on how to connect with yourself and take care of yourself.

How do you keep the drama out of your relationship? Let us know in the comments!

Emma Alice Jane
Emma Alice Jane

Emma is a writer, reviewer and arts marketing professional living and working in London. Travelling as much as she can, she is determined to see the world as well as write about it. She knows too much about Wes Anderson films and sharks.

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