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Beaches Close to London

You work hard (most of the time anyway) and so in your spare time, it’s important to get out of London. Especially when we seem to be having an Indian Summer in the UK at the moment. So we figured we’d let you know all of the best beaches that are close to London and warrant a day trip, or perhaps a little weekend away.

Beaches that are close to London

Camber Sands

shallow focus photography of brown sand and sea

This picturesque beach is a bit farther by train, approximately 2 to 2.5 hours by train from London followed by a short bus or taxi ride. However, it’s really not that bad by car, especially if you’re driving from South London like Croydon which is approx 1.5 hours drive, so we do class this one as a beach close to London. Camber Sands has extensive sandy shores and sand dunes. There is a car park but it does get busy so best to get there early.

If you’re into water sports then Camber Sands has that covered too. Go check out Rye Watersports if you’d like to try out kite surfing.

Brighton Beach

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Brighton is a bit of a trek by car, but by train, it’s an hour from London Bridge – saweeet. Brighton Beach is one of the most popular seaside destinations near the city. Although the beach is pebble, you can still take in the fresh sea air. Besides, Brighton has so much more to offer, including the Brighton Lanes, extensive art galleries, and not to forget the pier.

Birling Gap, East Sussex

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Birling Gap is a beautiful coastal area located in East Sussex, England. It’s known for its stunning chalk cliffs, rugged coastline, and natural beauty. So you could easily stop off here on your drive to Brighton if you fancied.

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Around an hour’s train journey from London, Southend-on-Sea boasts the world’s longest pleasure pier and a sandy beach. It’s also only just over an hour’s drive if you’re in East London like us. It’s a traditional British seaside town with attractions like Adventure Island amusement park and the Sea Life Adventure aquarium.


sea horizon during daytime

Okay, this isn’t really a beach close to London, but it is seaside close to London (that counts). Leigh-on-Sea is a charming coastal town in Essex, England, known for its maritime heritage, artistic community, and relaxing atmosphere.

Whitstable Beach

Situated around 1.5 to 2 hours away by train, Whitstable is known for its oysters and charming beach huts. The beach is a mix of shingle and sand, and the town has a unique character with its artsy vibe and local seafood.

Margate Beach

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Located on the Kent coast, Margate is accessible by a little over an hour’s train ride from London. The town offers a sandy beach, a retro amusement park called Dreamland, and the Turner Contemporary art gallery. So this is a beach close to London but more so East London.


About 1.5 to 2 hours away from London by train, Frinton-on-Sea offers a quiet and family-friendly beach experience. It has a gently sloping sandy beach and is known for its peaceful atmosphere.

Sunny Sands Beach, Folkestone

Sunny Sands is a sandy beach located in Folkestone, Kent, on the southeastern coast of England. It’s a popular destination for both locals and visitors, offering a relaxing seaside experience.

So there you have it. Our top list of beaches close to London. Have we missed a hidden treasure? Comment below and we’ll have it added to the list.


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