Interview with Velvet Ibiza Founder Carine De Mesmaeker

Have you heard of Velvet Ibiza? If not, then we’re about to make you extremely happy. Velvet Ibiza is an all-inclusive 5-day/5-night party for queer women in Ibiza! That’s right babe, you heard right, Ibiza! It’s running this year from 2nd May – 7th May, and looks absolutely epic!

We’ve had the absolute pleasure to chat to the founder of Velvet Ibiza, Carine De Mesmaeker. Read on to hear all about what it takes to throw an epic lesbian party in Ibiza, what’s in store for the festival for 2023, and more from our exclusive interview with Carine below.

Velvet Ibiza, Lesbian festival

So, tell us a bit about yourself, how did Velvet Ibiza come about?

I have been in the Belgium lesbian scene since the 80’s, first as a DJ in most of the clubs in Brussels, later on I had my own nightclub until 2004. Since 2010 I organise a big party called “Velvet Sixty Nine” every 2-3 months in the centre of Brussels.

Velvet Ibiza 2022

What is Velvet Ibiza all about and what have you got in store for this year?

Velvet Ibiza is an all-inclusive, five-day, five-night event at a resort, with tons of activities
including pool parties, sports tournaments, and of course, plenty of dance parties with top
DJs. The ideal venture to meet hundreds of women from all over the world with only 1 goal:
having a great time!

This year we focus even more on extra activities for solo travellers like message party, speed dating, etc.. There will be an even wider range of different music going from house, hip hop to 60’s, 80’s and we’ll throw a disco fever party.

Velvet Ibiza, Lesbian festival
Velvet Ibiza, Lesbian Festival

What made you set up the festival and where did the name come from?

Unlike in America, here in Europe we have very few festivals for queer women. I wanted to offer to the European girls a festival/ a place where they can gather once a year and having a good time and be able to meet girls from other countries/cultures. The name comes from Velvet Sixty Nine, my event in Brussels since 2010.

What’s the best package our readers should go for when booking?

All packages are all in: This means your 5 night stay – 3 meals a day – free drinks
till 11 pm – all parties and other activities. This makes it very very unique. No worries about extra expenses!

The choice depends on what bungalow you want to book: for 2 or 3 persons; the single bungalows are already sold out. You also have the choice between a premium bungalow: these have a fridge and a garden with furniture. If you are a solo traveler you can book a ‘shared’ bungalow: we then add 1 or 2 other girls.

Where can we find tickets?

All packages have to be booked via our website:

Velvet Ibiza, Lesbian festival

What does it take to organise an event as big as Velvet Ibiza?

I start about 10 months before the event, checking out different DJs. It’s a lot of planning, thinking about a program to please as many attendees as possible. Promotion is a huge part of the work. And because we are on an island I have to ship the material (merchandising, decors).

What do you do when you’re not planning a lesbian festival?

I have a regular job, I work for Visit Flanders. And on the other hand I still organise a party In Brussels every now and them and I organise the ‘women’s stage’ on Pride Brussels.

If you could use a magic telephone to call yourself at 15 years old what would you say?

‘It will work out fine’, be a little more confident’

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Follow your dreams!

What do you think of the Lesbian Scene in Ibiza, where do you go out when the festival isn’t

I’m living in Belgium and visit the island from time to time. Ibiza comes to live in spring time and goes in winter sleep end of October so there is not such a lesbian scene as many people come from abroad to do seasonal work. It was a surprise for me to notice that the festival was the first ever happening for lesbians.

Thanks so much for chatting to us Carine!

Velvet Ibiza is running this year from 2nd May – 7th May 2023. Be sure to check out the festival via following them on instagram: @velvetibiza and check out their website: But be fast, as when it’s full, it’s full.

We will see you there,
Team Nonchalant x

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