Charley Marlowe, the TikTok star, comedian, and presenter, has been unveiled as the voiceover artist for the new BBC Three series, “I Kissed a Girl.”

Charley Marlowe has just been revealed as the voice behind the new BBC Three series, “I Kissed a Girl.” and we’re buzzin!

Charley Marlowe - I Kissed a Girl Voice Over
Charley Marlowe. BBC I Kissed a Girl Voiceover

Charley, a Liverpudlian LGBTQ+ presenter and comedian, gained fame on TikTok for her hilarious and down-to-earth personality, as well as her comedic presenting style (we are fans), and now she’s bagged the role of voiceover for the highly anticipated “I Kissed a Girl”. Returning to our screens this May, “I Kissed a Girl” will feature ten singles matched up and meeting for the first time… with a kiss. Expect gripping love stories, sizzling drama, jaw-dropping outfits, and a stunning new Italian Masseria. This is one party you won’t want to miss.

You can catch episodes one and two of “I Kissed a Girl” on BBC iPlayer on Sunday, May 5th. Subsequent episodes will air on BBC Three every Sunday and Monday night at 9 pm.

In an interview with Charley, she explains that she “had the most incredible time. This has been a dream job for me. Not only getting to voiceover a show which is something I’ve NEVER done before, but the show being the queerest thing I’ve ever seen…double whammy!!! We would record a couple of episodes at a time so I was drip-fed the drama and each week I was absolutely gasping for the next one, the cliffhangers are brilliant. If I’m honest it still hasn’t sunken in that so many people are going to hear my voice…even though it’s nothing different to what I already do really!”.

Charley also goes on to explain what we have in store for the show:

“Snogging! God, they all barely get a word in between all the smooching. Only joking I am (kind of). You can expect to see normal queer girls!!!! Not queer girls who are sexualised, fetishised or romanticised!! Queer girls who don’t know what they want, who want a relationship, who want a fling. Young queer girls who are exploring their sexuality and themselves in a safe environment. Of course, there’s loads of drama and it’s SUCH an unreal watch! But it’s fantastic to see queer girls being themselves without constraints – that’s what you can expect. Christ, how deep!!!”

Lastly, she explains if we’re in for some drama…

“Of COURSE there’s gonna be drama!!! As much as we love it when everyone gets along, an argument is always going to hook us in. Which is exactly what this series does. Shock revelations, mass amounts of snogging (which made me realise I’m more of a prude than I thought) and lesbians being lesbians. It’s got it all!!!”

So there you have it, we’re in for some drama, lols and lots of girls kissing. Weeheey. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing the contestants shortly.

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