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Have you Heard of the New Queer and BIPOC Sober Dance Movement Event?

Introducing you to Afro Trance Dance™, the morning sober dance movement that’s giving rave culture a fresh twist. The team behind this epic new movement (lovers Azyre and Alice) are all about spotlighting BIPOC/queer pro DJs and wellness facilitators, making the dance floor a celebration of diversity.

Afro Trance Dance™

So now we’ve given you the intro, we’re here to tell you that their next event is coming up on May 25th from 10:30am – 1pm hosted at Dalston FH3, E8 3DP. Read on to hear all about it and the founders.

What to expect

This is the place where you can experience altered states of consciousness, liberation, bliss, and euphoria naturally. Music and unity come together here, creating a high like no other.

Afro Trance Dance™

Afro Trance Dance™️ blends sober raving with ritual elements like opening and closing circles, a no-phones policy, and a no talking dance floor to create a powerful space of presence and connection. Arrivals start at 10:3am, followed by the Opening Circle at 11:0am, and concluding with the Closing Circle at 1:00pm.

The Founders of Afro Trance Dance™️

Afro Trance Dance™️ was born from the meeting of two creative souls, Azyre Blue and Alice Carder, but their stories began long before they intertwined.

The Founders of Afro Trance Dance™️

Azyre explained that she “first learned to DJ as a way of healing from a serious long-term illness which left me bedridden for 2 years. The sounds I played enabled me to access meditative states of consciousness, which contributed to my healing journey and literally had me dancing out of my sick bed.” Alice states that they left their career 10 years ago “I left my career in television (CH4/BBC) to become Head of Communications on the founding team of Morning Gloryville – a pioneering sober rave that grew from 1 monthly event in East London to 23 cities worldwide, in less than 12 months. The last 5 years have seen me grow my own coaching business as an embodied business coach for women serving people or the planet.”

Alice goes on to tell us that she’s “been using music and dance to enhance my own wellbeing my whole life but never was it more needed than when I contracted sepsis in 2022. I spent months in hospital and almost lost my life. Dance meditation kept me going and I decided to study as a Somatic facilitator; alongside my current business; coaching entrepreneurs who serve people and the planet.”

Alice talks of how they met – “Parallel to this Azyre and I had fallen in love and I‘d witnessed first-hand the emotional impact the lack of inclusivity and cultural appropriation in the sober dance communities was having on her. I felt compelled to do something about this and we decided to join forces – my expertise in business, sober dance and somatics, with Azyre‘s expertise in academic psychology, music for healing and unified community building.”

Azyre expresses that as a DJ in the London Afro House scene, she focused on “mixing modern house music with organic traditional sounds, especially those from Africa.” She goes on to explain that her “intention is to remind us of what we have forgotten – that beyond our beautifully diverse cultures, we are all one and all come from the same source, the same land; Africa.”

Next Events & Tickets

Head over to their Instagram for all information on tickets and next events.

Afro Trance Dance™

Sounds pretty epic girls. See you there.

Team Nonchalant x

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