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Indoor Date Night Ideas

Are you and your gf looking to switch things up a little? Being in a long-term relationship – it’s only normal to feel like date nights are getting a little repetitive. There’s a whole host of online classes and deliver-to-your-door experiences that the two of you can do together. Check out our top picks from movie nights to rope play, who knows where the night will end.


Have you ever fancied recreating that scene from Ghost? Or making the perfect pen holder like the masterful Pot Yer T*ts Away Luv? Well, you’re in luck. Sculpdit can deliver everything you need for at-home pottery right to your door.

One kit contains two clay bags, tools for sculpting, brushes, and paints – everything a girl needs for a banging night in. Using the step-by-step guide you and your other half can nail some basic techniques. Plus, the clay is premium air dry so within 24-48 hours you’ll have your very own masterpiece ready for display. If you need any inspiration, check out the Sculpdit Instagram for loads of weird and wonderful clay creations.

Wool And The Gang

Is anyone else freezing their t*ts off? Have you been looking for the perfect, matching sweater set for you and your girlfriend? Not sure what to do with all of this extra free time? With Wool And The Gang, you can kill all three birds with one stone.

Wool And The Gang

From knitting, crochet, and cross-stitch to embroidery and macrame, Wool And The Gang are bringing crafts to the people. If you don’t know what macrame is (neither did we) don’t worry, try a beginner kit to get you started. If you’re both seasoned knitters there are hundreds of more advanced kit options to choose from. You could come out of lockdown with matching sweaters or hit uber sapphic levels and knit some matching beanies.

On top of all of that, the folks at Wool And The Gang are big on inclusivity, with kit sizes ranging from UK 6 – 28. They’re also into their sustainability so you can do date night and save the planet at the same time.

Shibari classes

If you love getting tied up in knots then Anatomie Studio’s online Shibari classes are a 2021 lockdown must. Shibari, sometimes called Kinbaku, is the art of Japanese rope bondage. If you’re a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, firstly, make better life choices, secondly don’t be too hasty – Shibari isn’t just about sex. A lot of people practice Shibari as a meditation or a way to form trust with a partner, though the sex is an added bonus.

Anatomie is a sex-positive and kink-positive studio in London as well as the UK’s first full-time, Shibari teaching centre. Their online classes cater to everyone from the seasoned expert to the curious tourist. We don’t know about you but we think if you’re hanging your other half from the ceiling it’s best to be guided by the experts.

See a show

If you’re anything like us then you’re missing some live theatre, if only for the thrill of sitting in a room full of actual human beings. Though you may have to wait a bit longer for the room full of strangers, the live theatre could be closer than you think.

If you’re after something new, no holds barred, and completely original then look no further than Soho Theatre On Demand. Theatre, comedy, cabaret – Soho Theatre has curated some incredible collections all reasonably priced and all at your fingertips.

For anyone looking for some big names and even bigger productions, the National Theatre has created NT at home. Snuggle up on the sofa and settle in for some world-class theatre performed by world-class talent all at an absolute steal for £8.32 a month.

National Theatre
National Theatre

If you can’t access NT at home or Soho Theatre don’t worry, theatres around the world are embracing the streaming service and are only a Google search away.

Virtual wine tasting

The always reliable, and very middle-class, Waitrose team is now bringing you wine tasting at home. For just a tenner you can spend the evening with a qualified specialist and learn how to taste wine properly as well as the best way to pair wine and food. It’s a BYOB situation but there’s a pre-selected list of bottles to choose from so it’s all easy and accessible. Plus, it’s a great excuse to log on to Zoom and neck some wine with a bunch of strangers (classic lockdown vibes).

For a bit more dollars you can recreate a fancy as f*ck wine-tasting date night with the lovely people at Caviste. A few days before the event you’ll get a box full of wine delivered to your door and an email with tasting notes and chilling instructions. Sounds fancy right? You and your girlfriend can spend the evening getting an education in wine straight from the winemaker, or a masterclass in Rioja live-streamed from Rioja. It’s not cheap but if you’re down for a treat then it’s definitely worth it. A little tip from us here at Nonchalant: you don’t have to drink all the wine at once.

Online cooking classes

What could be more romantic than cooking a delicious meal together? We know, we know… you’ve been cooking every night. F*ck cooking, you miss restaurants. But with lockdown keeping restaurants closed, why not bring restaurant-quality food to your own kitchen with some online classes?

Our pick, if you’re looking to impress, is Hashi, the UK’s first Japanese cookery school. Hashi’s founder Reiko Hashimoto, AKA the queen of Japanese cuisine, will be on hand to teach you the subtle art of sushi making.

Alternatively, the always-reliable Jamie Oliver has his very own online cookery school with a massive choice of classes. Start slow with essential knife skills and pasta making. Then, when you’ve mastered the basics, get carried away and tackle a Thai feast or “showstopping” beef Wellington.

Online cooking classes

If you like the idea of learning some new foodie skills but you’re looking after the pennies then Christina Tosi, of Milk Bar fame, is running classes at 2 pm EST every day on her Instagram for free.

At home cinema

If you fancy a more Netflix and chill vibe (but actually watching Netflix) we’ve prepped the definitive guide to creating your own at-home cinema. Get your projector, prep those snacks, dim the lights, and feel free to not watch any of the film at all…

turned on projector

Hit us up on Instagram at @nonchalant.mag if you’ve had any sick date night ideas that we haven’t included here. However you decide to pass the time during this lockdown, just remember to stay safe, be kind to each other, and always knit responsibly.

Love Team Nonchalant x

Maz Foster-Reed
Maz Foster-Reed

By day Maz lives in London and works in marketing, by night she’s writing for Nonchalant Magazine, and by early morning she’s in a bar making questionable life choices

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