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Interactive Dating Video Game with Queer Character

Ten Dates Video Game

Calling all gamer gals!

Wales Interactive have taken a step in the right direction for inclusivity with their Ten Dates video game, where you get to speed-date as a queer person through charismatic character Misha.

Much like interactive features like Netflix’s Bandersnatch, Ten Dates will send you on a choose-your-own adventure style path on the dating scene.

Ten Dates is a sequel to the interactive rom-com Five Dates, which, as the title suggests is a dating video game in which you play as Misha, acted by Rosie Day (Outlander).What’s even cooler is your choices determine the relationship progression and her sexual orientation, and there’s an option for us queers – a woohoo!

Nonchalant hear from the creators…

Paul Raschid (Director, Writer and from Goodgate Media)
states that “Attraction, dating and love are universal experiences we can all identify with. Our ambition for Ten Dates was to expand the world of Five Dates into a richer and more authentic range of dating options. The writing team included LGBTQ+ consultants who we worked with closely across the interactive storylines. We hope the result is a more inclusive experience which encourages people to try a variety of suitors. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved and hope the audience will feel the same way.”
Richard Pring (Founder and Director of Wales Interactive) – “This is our first Interactive sequel with Goodgate Media and we couldn’t be more excited! Expanding on the world of Five Dates with the highly talented team here at WI and Goodgate along with returning director Paul, we have created something really special.

As Five Dates was during the pandemic it was such a rewarding journey to evolve the medium and take it into the real world with Ten Dates! Allowing us to explore more locations, stories and characters, really expanding the experience of dating for the player, allowing much more choice variation and experience in the game.”

What we thought of the game…

Lucky for us, we had the chance to play this wonderful interactive dating game. It is a multi-outcome game so we will relay how our version of events went (without spoilers!!).

We started off with a FaceTime with Misha’s bestie, Ryan, played by Charlie Maher (Conversations With Friends) in which the two have a conversation about a speed-dating event that the Londoners decide to attend later on.

Hazel, one of the Character options for Misha
Hazel, one of the Character options for Misha

Once they get there, Misha makes her rounds through the many men, but stay with us ladies!! After feeling unmotivated and awkward from the night of weak conversation and some very questionable characters she heads to the bar and meets a mystery lady, played by Rhiannon Clements (Death On The Nile) who convinces her to stay for a drink, during drinks we hit it off and we invited her for a second date!

During the second date we got to know the mystery lady a lot more, during which we were involved in a tense phone call and are told a few shocking truths which end with Misha having to make a difficult choice. It’s all up to the player how the story will end, which is something that truly made the game worthwhile in our opinion.

The added bits of comedy kept us laughing all the way through and the immersive nature felt like we were really there dating.

Sorry, this is all we can tell you for now, but check out the trailor below and read on to find out how you can play the game yourself.

Where can I play Ten Dates?

Play the game here and let us know if you liked it and what you think of the queer storyline.

Love, Team Nonchalant x

Ambre Crystal
Ambre Crystal

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