Queer Speed Dating with Passion Fruut; 5 Top Tips

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Speed dating; super fun, mostly casual and usually a hella interesting night. Then bam, ‘rona arrives and leaves us with no such hope for a bit of chat, flirt, pass. However, the fabulous creators of Passion Fruut have developed a speed dating function in their app. Clever eh. Simply download the app and click the speed date function to get chatty with other singles.

The ‘Fruut Salad’ feature allows users to mix and mingle in three-minute virtual speed dates every Wednesday and Saturday. Just be suited and booted for 8 pm with your best wit and charm. The founders of Passion Fruut were inspired to create it after their own personal experiences with online dating. The speed date feature allows for immediate conversations and connections, without traditionally waiting for inbox replies. The creators also wanted to make first dates seem a little less daunting and reduce any concerns anyone may have about being catfished!

The speed date function connects users to another user as they enter. Before the speed dates start, users have the option to start or skip. Hit start and you have three minutes of pure face to face virtual dating. When the time’s up users can request to match with the user. If both users felt a spark and want to accept, they are free to exchange messages and continue their chats. For any users who maybe a wee bit camera shy, there is a “speedy messenger” option. It’s the same principle, just over text.

We think this idea is a total win for 2020 and have come up with a few things to consider before you log on…

Five top tips to consider when virtual speed dating;

Tip number one: Lighting and camera on fleek.

Pop a small lamp in front of you or behind your webcam, but make sure it’s not directly pointing at you. Soft lighting will give you a nice glow and stop you from shining like a beacon. If you’re using your phone, prop it up somewhere to avoid the age old arm cramp.

Tip number two: Backdrop – remember to move your pants from the radiator

Be sure to have a check over your shoulder to see what’s behind you… including any underwear or errrr apparatus. Not quite sure anyone is ready for that… just yet. Obviously a blank background is best but that’s pretty difficult, so just sit where you’re comfortable and at ease and make sure you can be seen.

Tip number three: Notepad and Pen

You don’t wanna be mixing up the vegan with the avid meat eater. So take note on a pad, even if it’s just scribbling key words to jog your memory later on. You could even jot down how they match with your own values, interests and relationship goals. Let’s be honest, there’s no point in continuing a little summin’ summin’ with someone who is dead set on marriage when all you want is a fun time Friday.

Tip number four: Dress as if you’re dating

Woman logs onto internet dating to get going with speed dating.

Although you’re staying in, it’s best to dress as if you’re going out out and yes, this includes your bottom half. Dressing up will subconsciously make you feel ready and feel good. Just don’t wear anything likely to make the camera strobe or cause your date to see double. You want to make her head spin for all the right reasons!

Tip number five: Get your own shit together

You need to listen up gurl. You’ve got this. Fuck your exes. Fuck the shit you’ve been through. Grab yourself a stiff drink, shot it and tell yourself you deserve everything. Maybe just give your brain a little reminder of what you usually do in your free time, rather than self isolate with a copious amounts of snacks whilst resisting the desire to get lost in a TikTok hole.

We would love to hear about your speed dating experiences, just drop us an email at info@www.nonchalantmagazine.com and tell us all.

Happy speed datin’

Team Nonchalant x

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