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Interview with Shannon Beveridge – Now This Is Living

We’ve only gone and interviewed the outrageously popular Shannon Beveridge (otherwise known as NowthisIsLiving on YouTube) haven’t we girls.

NowThisIsLiving YouTube star, Shannon, became extremely popular in the Lesbian world (and non-gay community for that matter) for discussing and sharing regular updates about her relationship, sexuality and general fun-loving life. She currently has over 470,000 followers on YouTube and 417,000 on Instagram (a SHIT load basically) and not to mention she has a perfect face for….. Nonchalant magazine.

If you don’t know who she is, where have you been!? Get out from under your rock and check her YouTube channel out asap: NowThisIsLiving, but be prepared to lose several hours (okay days) of your life catching up on/becoming addicted to her endearing video entries.

Interview Shannon Beveridge

1) What inspired you to start a vlog and did you always plan to discuss your sexuality?

My journey online actually started with blogging and sharing my coming out story. I’m from Texas and was going to college in Oklahoma… while also in a sorority… so my coming out journey kind of gathered some interest online. Vlogging and making videos just grew organically from that. So technically sexuality was always a part of the conversation, which is fitting seeing as when I started making content online my sexuality was all I could really think about.

2) At the start did you have a vision as to where you thought the vlog would end up, and did you ever consider giving up at all?

I can’t really say I had any vision when it came to what I was doing online, and I definitely didn’t ever see it becoming what it is today. The internet was just an outlet for me and as I grew a following that was looking for me for support, I was finding the same support in them. There was a period of time a few years ago when I deleted my blog and made everything private because I got paranoid that people from my college were going to find my account and it would push me out of the closet face first before I was ready. I couldn’t stay away though, it was only a few months before I started it all back up.

3) What advice would you give to girls and women that would like to start vlogging, or would like a career in vlogging?

Be yourself. Be genuine. I think those are the most important things in life and online.

4) Have you ever been to London? If so did you check out the lesbian scene? If not, would you consider visiting us?

Last time I was in London I was in 2nd grade.. so I hadn’t started dipping my toes into the lesbian scene quite yet lol. I 100% want to get my butt across the pond again soon though!

5) Can you do an English accent?

I don’t think anyone would let me back into London if they heard my attempt.. My passport would be revoked.

Interview with Shannon Beveridge

6) Who was your first celebrity girl crush?

Honestly, there were a lot lol. The most intense one I can remember though was Scarlett Johansson. It got to the point where I had seen literally every single movie she was in that the blockbuster by my house carried and I had to think of excuses to get my parents to drive me to a further one so I could find more… obsessed.

7) Who are your role models and why?

I know this question is typically answered with a public figure, like a classic Ellen Degeneres, who I will 100% admit is a huge inspiration for me, but my honest answer would be my friends and family. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such driven, loving and courageous people. They inspire me in my day to day life and I just always hope I’m making them proud.

8) Where did you meet your best pal vwebs?

Believe it or not.. tumblr. We’ve been friends now for 4 years and met while both of us were figuring out coming out. I think going through that with someone and having them as a confidant sort of bonds you for life. She’s definitely one of those people in my life I consider a role model.

Interview with Shannon Beveridge

9) What’s the last text message in your phone?

This is totally cringe worthy but I currently have 120 unread text messages in my phone. I am such a horrendous texter and have also developed a horrible habit of not even opening up threads because I just am that bad.. I’m sure there’s some juicy stuff in there lol but my last unopened message just says “Yes !”, what a let down.

10) If you could choose any career, what would it be?

I think this question has haunted me my whole life… so thanks for bringing it up… lol just kidding! But seriously, I think the career I have right now is pretty dang bad ass. I’m really happy with where I’m at and what I’m doing! So I guess maybe I’m already living my dream.

11) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done to try and impress a girl?

Oh gosh.. I’m sure there are plenty of weird things I’ve done. One funny story though.. I was walking to a bar with a girl I had only just met that night earlier on and for some weird reason I jumped up as we passed this tree and hit one of the limbs (I’m not sure if I was trying to impress her with my vertical or if it was just me not knowing what to do with my body in front of a literal BABE), and long story short.. a RAT fell out of the tree. I can’t make this shit up. A real life RAT fell right out of the tree onto her shoe.

She kissed me that night though so.. I’d say my game is A1.

12) Have you ever had a weird request from a fan?

Haha I held a baby a fan brought to a meet and greet once. A real-life living breathing baby. But if I’m being honest I’m pretty sure I asked if I could hold it so maybe I’m the weird one. Also, it was adorable and the photos we got were frame-worthy.

13) What advice can you give our English readers about visiting LA? Any advice on the lesbian scene – any decent bars?

They definitely need to check out West Hollywood, can’t really go wrong at any of the bars out on Santa Monica Blvd. Wednesday night is ladies night at most of them so .. if you’re looking for the ladies, get out there, cuties.

14) You come across as very humble in your videos, yet you’re one of the most sought-after lesbians in the US. We’ve seen the comments dude – There’s A LOT of love there!! – Does this overwhelm you ever?

Omg quit I’m blushing.. that’s way too kind of a statement. I think I’m kind of just in a constant state of being overwhelmed at this point lol. I’m just happy to be doing something I love and spreading a message I believe in, the fact that people love it or me is just an added bonus.

And that’s that girls – straight from the fit YouTubers mouth.

Thanks to Shannon for answering our stereotypically conservative English questions and being a general babe!

Hope to see you in London soon,

Nonchalant x

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